Long-range detection and identification of air and surface targets provides unparalleled situational awareness capability while ensuring the aircraft’s self-protection. The most sophisticated techniques in Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance, allow to give to the End User the means to take the right decision at the right time.

Airborne Attack & Navigation Equipment

Targeting Pods


New generation multi-function targeting pod
Thales Group - TALIOS

Designed entirely around operational feedback from users, TALIOS is the latest addition to the Thales family. With its open architecture and a high level of functional integration, TALIOS is the first optronic pod to cover the entire critical decision chain from intelligence gathering to weapon delivery. With the latest generation of high-resolution sensors and high-precision line-of-sight stabilisation, capabilities range from deep strike with long-range missiles and bombs to air-to-air target identification and close air support, and include the rapidly emerging requirement of Non-Traditional Information, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (NTISR). Permanent Vision™. Very wide-angle combined vision (synthetic and real) is one of the key features of the TALIOS pod, providing critical contextual information and making the pod a key component of the pilot's visual environment throughout the mission. All functions will be standard for both French and international customers. With its open architecture, the TALIOS pod is conceived as a 'plug & fight' system for integration on all existing fighters, ready to incorporate new functionalities.



Multi-function targeting pod
Thales Group - Damocles
DAMOCLES is a multi-function pod with a laser designation function to provide a day/night smart weapons guidance capability as well as a full suite of sensors for navigation and air-to-air target identification roles. Its mid-wave infrared sensor performs effectively in warm and/or humid conditions and provides day/night small target recognition at medium range as well as a long-distance reconnaissance capability.

DAMOCLES is currently in service on a range of platforms with France and a number of countries in the Middle East, North Africa and Asia and will continue to evolve and co-exist in aircraft fleets alongside the next generations of optronic systems. Its modular design allows for future upgrades, including integral image-processing software, additional display information and an optional bi-directional data-link to exchange imagery with ground forces.

Infra-Red Optronic Search, Track and Identification

FSO – Front Sector Optronics

Detect enemy aircraft while being undetected and immune to jamming
Thales Group - FSO
Thales has developed Airborne optronic solutions dedicated to Air/Air passive day/night detection, identification  and laser ranging  for the new generation of European fighters. Front Sector Optronics (FSO) for RAFALE and PIRATE for Eurofigher are combat proven and in production.


Navigation FLIR

NAV-FLIR - Day/night navigation and attack FLIR.

NAV-FLIR insures flight security during Air-to-Air and Air-to-Ground navigation phases and Taxi way

It enables the pilot to fire conventional unguided weapons in Air-to-Ground missions


EVS – Enhanced vision system for Pilots

Thales Group - EVS
EVS increases the operational availability of the platform (reduce the operating minima)
It increases security at all flight phases (taxiing, takeoff, medium/low altitude flight, approach, landing) Increase
the pilot awareness:
• at night,
• in poor weather conditions, for a perfect visibility of the environment

Airborne Surveillance & Recce Equipment

Reconnaissance Pods


AREOS System

AREOS (Airborne Recce Observation System) is a stand-off reconnaissance system designed for tactical and strategic missions. It provides a unique day/night imagery intelligence (IMINT) capability for detection, reconnaissance and identification at stand-off ranges, as well as very low altitudes and high speeds, under any weather conditions.

Composed of an airborne pod and a ground/shipboard station, AREOS combines state-of-the-art imaging technologies with high-performance datalinks. These advanced functions save precious time in the sensor-to-shooter loop to quickly meet evolving mission demands, including the new requirements of peace-keeping operations.

Combat-proven with the French Air Force and Navy on board the Rafale F3, the system is fully compliant with NATO standards for integration into large-scale C4ISR systems and coalition operations.

AVNI  System

Wide Area Surveillance Systems
Thales Group - AVNI
Thales’s Avni system offers a reliable and effective solution, which provides high resolution, wide area
surveillance from small, light aircraft. Easy to operate and cost effective with no change required to current operations when integrated into existing.


DB STARS - Dual Band Stand-Off Airborne Reconnaissance Sensor

Thales Group - DB-STARS
State of the Art Sensors covering full spectrum that can be packaged according to aircraft


Sweep-IR Family - High Resolution Reconnaissance Sensor

SWEEP-IR family in service on multiple aircraft types


Ground Intel and Image Exploitation Systems

NIES - Networked Image Exploitation System


Airborne Defensive Aids


Missile Warnings

MIRAS - Multicolor InfraRed Alerting Sensor

Thales Group - MIRAS
MIRAS is a passive missile warning system. It Detects, tracks and gives warning of hostile missile. MIRAS is a key contributor in the self-protection system.


Chaff & Flares Dispensers

VICON 78 -  Intelligent Countermeasure Dispensing System


Laser Warning Detectors