What do you know about Thales?

Together, we create advanced technology systems that make the world a better place to live in.
Even if you’ve never heard of Thales, you’ve probably used our technologies in one way or another.

Travelled by train recently?
When you bought your ticket from a vending machine and validated it, chances are that you were using Thales know-how. Using our technology, public transport operators send real-time information about services, schedules and traffic delays to your smartphone or browser, or to passenger information displays at stations and bus or tram stops.
They also rely on us for  advanced control, supervision and operations management systems that also make your journeys safer.

Like watching movies at 35,000 feet?
Thales InFlyt Experience technology keeps you entertained as you fly from one side of the world to the other.

Checked your bank balance on your phone today?
Thales protects the information systems of 19 of the world’s 20 largest banks.
There's really no limit to what we can do. From in-flight connectivity to cybersecurity, our 22,000 talented engineers work tirelessly to deliver a vast range of innovative solutions.

In aerospace, space, transportation, defence and security, we team up  to meet the complex technological challenges of our times.

The opportunities at Thales are as limitless as the boundaries of engineering, science and technology. We're growing all the time and wherever we go and whatever we do, our people grow with us. We give talented and innovative individuals the chance to explore varied career paths in a challenging and rewarding international environment. We understand just how rare truly exceptional people are, so we'll invest the same innovation, time and care into your career that we put into each of our fascinating projects.

Thales professional environment is based on five pillars. Discover them at a glance:



We help to drive the future of civil aviation by providing a full range of equipment, systems and services both in the air and on the ground. We support aircraft manufacturers, airlines, air traffic controllers, airports and civil aviation authorities in meeting the challenges of traffic growth, safety, efficiency and environmental performance while enhancing security and making air travel more pleasant.

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Satellite operators, space agencies, governments and defence customers rely on us to design, develop and deploy orbital infrastructure, systems, ground segments and related services in the key sectors of telecommunications, Earth observation, navigation and science.

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Our technologies help main line and urban transport operators and network managers to get the most out of their infrastructure. They simplify the growing complexity of transport systems and make public transport more attractive and more efficient.

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We enable the armed forces  to carry out their missions, both in the traditional environments — land, air, sea and space — and in the emerging theatres of urban combat and cyber warfare. At the same time we are helping governments to integrate their defence forces and security services.

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We work with government agencies, local authorities and civil operators to develop and deploy integrated, resilient solutions to protect citizens, sensitive data and critical infrastructure. Our priorities are to defend cyber networks, to make airports and infrastructure more secure, and to improve border protection.

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Our values

Customer trust

To succeed, we must work as partners with our customers, listening to them, anticipating their needs and finding solutions together. By delivering on our promises and providing state-of-the-art solutions and top-quality service, we ensure the long-term satisfaction of our customers.

One Team, One Thales

We share responsibilities in a culture of loyalty, partnership and transparency. We encourage solidarity and cooperation at every level of the organisation. We are all on the same team and united in our actions.

Developing our people

Supporting the professional development of each employee is fundamental. We respect diversity and promote knowledge-sharing. We encourage dialogue. And we promote collective achievements as well as individual talents.

Accountable and committed to excellence

We strive to achieve excellence by acting with integrity, loyalty, accountability and professionalism in everything we do.

Agile and innovative

We aim to continually improve quality and work more efficiently. This means being ready to take risks, always demonstrating leadership, deciding quickly and acting on our decisions immediately. We strive to build on new ideas to achieve a competitive advantage.