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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a job at Thales?

We always want to hear from people with a passion for technology interested in building their career with us. Whether you have just discovered Thales, or have been following us for a while, and you’re ready to take the next decisive step in your career, then start by taking a look at our open positions.

All our opportunities for potential new employees are posted on

I’ve seen a great job advertised. How do I apply? Where do I send my details?

Applications for specific positions need to be made online. This will ensure your application reaches the recruitment manager who is in charge of hiring for that position.

Applications by email or by post are unlikely to reach the right person. We have a global recruitment team working at multiple locations worldwide, which means that receiving an application by email or post means we can’t share your details with the right person.

All our jobs can be viewed at, and you can search by role or location, and then you can apply by clicking on the apply button next to the position you are interested in.

You will also need a soft copy of your CV or resume available to upload as part of your online application.


Who will see my details?

At Thales, we take data protection very seriously. When you make an application online you will see our data privacy statement including how your data is used during your application and how it is stored.

if you are not comfortable then you can cancel your application before you provide any information.

The exact process for reviewing your data may vary from country to country, but in general your details will be reviewed first of all by a member of our recruitment team, and then your CV/resume may be shared with the hiring manager who wants to fill the role.  Sometimes more than one person will involved in the recruitent process, and there may be more than one manager involved.

If you are successful and reach interview, we may make you an offer, which means your details will be shared with the HR administration team so that they can send you a formal offer letter and/or employment contract. If at any point you want to change, update, edit or remove your details from our system you can do this by logging into your account.

Do I need to fill out a long application form?

We have worked hard to make the application process as simple as possible. But the more information you give us the more we are able to progress your application accordingly, and the more we’ll get to know about you.

We offer you the option of using your LinkedIn account to import your details so you don’t need to type them all in.

Or you can upload your CV or resume and use that to auto-complete many of the questions asked by the system.

And, many of the questions asked during the online application process form are optional – only the fields with a red star next to them are essential.

I applied for a job with Thales already. Can I apply again?

Yes! Naturally, we can only offer jobs to a small percentage of the people interested in working with us. This means we sometimes have to filter out some exceptional people who would definitely add value to our team, but who may not be the best match for the specific role applied for.

So, we are always happy to receive applications from you if you’ve already applied for a position before, and recommend you make another online application so that we definitely have your updated details and can see you’re interested in being considered again. 

And the good news is that if you have already set-up your account, you can just log in, make any details you require, and make your application from there – no need to start again from scratch.

What happens once I make an application?

When you make an application, your details are stored within our recruitment system used by all our recruiters worldwide.

This means a recruitement specialist directly employed by Thales with experience recruiting people in our group will review your details personally. Due to high volumes of applications and the urgency of certain roles, your application will normally be reviewed within a few days - in some cases within a few hours.

We will review the details provided in your application form together with your CV or resume plus any other documents uploaded. If your application is of interest then we will be in touch to talk about the opportunity further.

If we feel that your profile is not an exact match for the opportunity you have applied for, but might be of interest for other areas, we will also let you know, and we will always aim to let you know if your profile may not be a perfect match for the group.

What’s the interview process like?

The interview processes will vary according to location and role, however typically starts with a phone call from one of our R
recruiters. The purpose of this call is to collect some initial information about your suitability for the role. You might be asked for more detail about something on your CV/resume, asked to clarify some of your experiences or asked more about your current situation. You’ll be given more information about the role and the process we’ll be following and told what the next steps are.

Typically following this we’d organise a face to face meeting with successful applicants. This would usually involve meeting the manager and the recruiter and potentially some of the team you’d be working with in the role. Sometimes you might be asked to complete some online testing or asked to prepare a presentation or case study to bring with you to the meeting. If you’ve got any questions along the way, please contact the member of the Recruitment team who contacted you. We want to give you the opportunity to show how great you are, and we’re there to offer support and advice.

I’m currently working at Thales but have seen an interesting position - How do I apply?

We value the skills and experience our colleagues have, and encourage internal moves that build careers and strengthen teams. Thales employees looking to move to a new role within the group have access to an internal job opportunities board which offers additional vacancies not yet available to non-employees. You can find this internal job-board on the company intranet, and you should make your application through the internal system.

I am a recruitment consultant, recruitment agency or head-hunter, and I’ve got the perfect candidate for one of your roles. How do I get in touch?

Naturally, we are often approached by external agencies who want to work with us. We have an internal recruitment function based on direct sourcing meaning we are focused on connecting with great talent directly. We do, on occasions, engage with suppliers on specific roles, but this is on a case-by-case basis, and we have a preferred supplier list in place for these situations.

We do not accept CVs, candidate details or representations of individuals unless you have been specifically briefed on one of our roles by a member of our recruitment function. Approaching line managers, Thales employees or members of our Recruitment / HR function will not lead to preferential access for any specific role.

Emails, phone calls, letters and other forms of communication that present a candidate’s details will be received without obligation on our part. No implied contract will be created. We will consider ourselves free to contact any candidates at any point in the future without any obligation, fee or agreement in place between our two parties.