At the centre of the relations between the company and its employees, the Human Resources function anticipates and innovates to support business development, organisational and environmental transformations.

It not only concerns human resource management, but it also has to address the organisation, strategy and business operations in order to be an effective Management Partner, capable of understanding current issues and future developments. The ambition is to facilitate each employee’s opportunity to shape his or her career path within the Group, to contribute to the quest to attract, develop and retain talented people. To take account of operational needs, the need to maintain social dialogue, and meeting employee expectations, the Human Resources function plays the role of coach and advisor for management and for everyone, and guardian of values and Thales HR processes.

Professional Development

The team includes employees in charge of recruitment and mobility and is responsible for recruitment processes (search, selection, recruitment and integration of new recruits…) and following the employee career development from employee reviews to annual activity discussions and professional development.

Jobs :

  • Human Resources Manager
  • Professional Development Manager
  • Resourcing/Mobility Advisor


A training advisor provides easily-accessible counselling on training, designs and develops training solutions suited to employee’s needs. Training advisors can be found in Entities of the Group but also in the dedicated Thales University, founded to provide training specifically adapted to Thales employees.

Jobs :

  • Training Manager/Advisor


The Human Resources Information Systems team proposes and implements the HRIS policy for the development and deployment of tools.

Jobs :

  • HR Processes and IS Manager

Employee Relations

Conducts negotiations with the different employee representation bodies, proposes employee relations policy and ensures their implementation and handles individual and collective disputes.

Jobs :

  • Employee Relations Manager
  • HR Legal Expert

Compensation & Benefits

Proposes and implements policy (principles, policies and references), remuneration (job evaluations, modelling, market studies, internal studies and reporting) and policies surrounding benefits (shareholding, performance shares, stock options) and has a strong working knowledge or Social Benefits including pensions and related contract terms.

Jobs :

  • Compensation & Benefits Manager
  • International Mobility Advisor
  • Compensation and Benefits Research Advisor

Payroll and HR Administration

Establishes and verifies salaries, working hours, leave, coverage, etc. Manages social expenses and individual contracts, informs personnel and serves as an interface with internal and external management departments.

Jobs :

  • Payroll and HR Administrator
  • Payroll/Administration Specialist


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Nadège Nguayen

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