Mission-critical communications rely on network and infrastructure systems which play a vital role in making the world better and safer.

They perform in your decisive moments, delivering the reliability, availability, resilience and security that standard commercial networks are simply not designed to deliver. They make sure the right information is put into the right hands at the right time in the right place; they get it right the first time, every time.
In a world that is increasingly fast moving, unpredictable, our mission-critical network and infrastructure systems are delivering more: more broadband, more mobility, more interoperability and more security.
Combining a unique diversity of expertise, talents and cultures, our architects design and deliver extraordinary high technology solutions. Solutions that make tomorrow possible, today.

Armed forces need look no further for critical communications that they can rely on anytime, anywhere. Rely on us. Whatever it takes.
  • Nexium Defence Cloud
    The Thales Defence Cloud is a comprehensive solution for armed forces today based on end-to-end management of communication infrastructure and services and data hosting resources.
  • Resilient Networks
    Resilient Networks provide secure, resilient and high-performance networks designed to endure the unexpected.
  • Military satellite communications
    Based on a unified transmission system with the ‘System 21’, Thales satellite communications solutions ensure a universal use (Land, Air, Naval) with integration capacity over all types of platforms.
  • Tactical networks
    Anticipate the unexpected: provide your teams in your theatre of operations with the power of agile tactical networks that evolve effortlessly with your challenges in the field.
  • Mission-critical 4G
    Stay on top of 21st century challenges with mission-critical 4G: offer your armed forces the cutting edge innovation for better, faster, more efficient collaboration