Present in Malaysia since 1980, Thales proposes solutions and technologies for defence, security, transportation and aerospace. Thales locally employs over 250 people, including personnel from its joint venture Sapura Thales Electronics in the field of Communication Systems. Thales has a strong presence in Malaysia through partnerships with prestigious local industry players and has played an essential role in Malaysia’s growth story by sharing its technologies and expertise in the aerospace, defence, security and transportation sectors.

Key Highlights

Supporting the growth of local industrial capabilities

Aligning with Malaysia’s goal of strengthening their local industrial capabilities, Thales has been involved in technology transfer through its joint venture Sapura Thales Electronics Sdn Bhd (STE), set up in 1996. Through this industrial partnership, close to 200 Malaysian employees in STE are designing, developing, producing and exporting VHF handheld radios and tactical communications systems together with a complete range of accessories that are being used in several Armed Forces. Products developed by STE are also exported from Malaysia to countries in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and South America.

Boosting local presence through strategic partnerships

Since 2005, Thales has been operating a Naval Service & Support Centre (NSSC) based in Lumut, to support the numerous systems currently in service with the Royal Malaysian Navy with a new NSSC soon to be inaugurated in Kota Kinabalu. More recently Thales has set up and is implementing a Maintenance Centre of the very latest generation of Thermal Imagers, together with DEFTECH and Defence Services Sdn Bhd (DSSB) in Nilai. Thales has a strong presence through several Malaysian Key Industrial Partners in various fields of Defence, Aerospace, Transportation, leveraging their expertise in specific areas such as optronics and air traffic management (ATM).

Growing with Universities

Thales has developed several academic partnerships in the country, including a Memorandum of Understanding signed in July 2013 with the Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT) to promote human capital development for the country’s rail industry.  This first MoU is part of a key project to create a Rail Centre of Excellence (RCOE). MIGHT and Thales will provide specific content for the RCOE in the field of signalling and communications for main line and urban rail, including courseware, train-the-trainer programmes, project management support and facilities.

Key Figures

A presence in Malaysia for 35 years
Over 250 employees (including Sapura Thales Electronics)
4 main areas of activities (Aerospace, Transportation, Defence and Security)


  • Security in Malaysia
    Thales is positioning itself in Malaysia to address local needs for cities’ and critical infrastructure security
  • Defence in Malaysia
    Thales offers the full scope of its defence expertise and experience to support the modernisation plan of the Malaysian Armed Forces
  • Transportation in Malaysia
    Thales is involved in several significant transportation projects in Malaysia
  • Aerospace in Malaysia
    Thales has been supporting local customers including Malaysia’s Civil Aviation Department and Malaysia Airlines with its Aerospace solutions


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