Thales in New Zealand is part of a leading international electronics and systems group serving the aerospace and space, defence, security and transportation markets throughout the world.

Thales's presence in New Zealand over the last 20 years has resulted in our participation in several successful projects.

Safer skies with Thales aviation and air traffic management systems

Thales has played an integral role in ensuring the safety of air travel in New Zealand. At most major New Zealand airports you’ll find Thales’s DVOR instrument landing equipment providing planes with the ability to land in fog and other limited visibility conditions. Thales also provides control radar, en-route radar and secondary radar at multiple sites throughout New Zealand and recently upgraded the radar systems to allow for satellite navigation at 13 locations around the country.

Simulation systems to support Air New Zealand

Thales is the world’s second largest provider of simulation based training solutions for civil, military aircraft and helicopter pilots. Thales supplies key technologies and supports Air New Zealand with full-flight simulators.

Proud supporter of the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF)

Thales provides a wide range of systems and equipment to the NZDF including encryption devices, friend or foe identification capabilities, tactical radios, thermal imaging equipment, electro-optics for the Light Armoured Vehicle , Steyr rifles and small arms ammunition.  

A seamless multi modal transport ticket for Auckland public transport

Thales is delivering a multi modal and multi operator ticketing system for Auckland and the Auckland Regional Transport Authority. The system will provide Auckland transport customers with seamless movement between trains, buses and ferries using one smartcard ticket, and make public transport much more attractive for residents and visitors to Auckland.

Securing safe transactions and communications

Thales provides the encryption and secure transaction and communication technologies supporting most electronic transactions through EFTPOS and ATMs for most banks in New Zealand.

675 million euros worldwide in Research & Development
billion euros order intake worldwide


Thales is one of New Zealand’s largest defence partners, a major provider of air traffic management systems in the Asia-Pacific region, and a growing force in the transport and commercial domains.

Thales is one of very few companies in New Zealand with the expertise and infrastructure to develop and deliver complex systems that push the boundaries of technological excellence.

  • ​Capabilities span a wide spectrum of high technology products and services including:
  • Command and control systems
  • Secure communications and mission planning and mission management systems
  • Electronic warfare, sonar and underwater systems
  • Training services and simulators
  • Avionics systems
  • Air traffic management
  • Soldier systems
  • Munitions
  • Protected mobility vehicles
  • Data encryption products and systems for defence and commercial markets
  • Rail signalling systems
  • Passenger information systems
  • Onboard and platform communication, security and safety systems
  • Revenue collection systems.

Thales’s service provision capabilities include extensive experience in materiel logistics, through life support, logistics supply chain, training systems, and consulting services for civilian and military applications.

Management Team

Corporate Responsibility

Ethical Behaviour, Equal Opportunities and Energy Conservation
Thales in New Zealand operates in a complex global environment calling for high standards of practice and recognition to ensure ethical and socially aware business practices.


Thales in New Zealand is committed to a proactive environmental protection policy and attaches importance to this principle within the framework of its activities.

Our aim is to build the environmental dimension into every level of our activities, creating a genuine culture of environmental responsibility shared by all employees.

Our environmental goals are:
  • Reduce consumption of energy and natural resources.
  • Limit waste output and reprocessing.
  • Manage atmospheric emissions and liquid effluent.
  • Incorporate health risk management in environmental improvement plans.
All Thales employees are involved in this effort, and our partners, subcontractors and suppliers fully support the company's environmental goals, helping to establish Thales as an economic player with an active commitment to environmental responsibility.


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