Thales has been present in the Republic of Korea for over thirty years in the defence, transportation, security, aerospace and space domains. Today, the Group’s main office in the country is located in Seoul, and thirty people are currently employed throughout the Nation.In Korea, Thales is present in the civil domains providing various solutions for air traffic management, ground transportation, In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity (Korean Air) and telecom satellites (KT Sat).

The Group is a long-term provider of defence solutions for the Korean Defence Forces, with an extensive influence in both naval sensors and air defence. Thales is also a key player in the military space domain (communication and observation capabilities).

Local cooperation

Thales has, in the course of many military programmes over the past years, transferred technology and it’s capabilities to Korea. Thales actively supports Korean military research bodies by providing equipment, technology and engineering assistance in the development of local equipment.
In 2000, Thales created a Joint Venture focusing on defence activities with Samsung known as Samsung Thales Corporation (STC), which was transferred to the Hanwha Group in 2015. In 2016, Thales decided the sale 50% stake in Hanwha Thales. Today Thales is partnering with Hanwha Systems but also with other defence companies on a case by case basis.
In the transportation domain, Thales has signed a General Cooperation Agreement with Hyundai Rotem in order to address both domestic and export projects, and is working with DAEATI, the country’s leading signalling company, in order to reinforce the Group’s local presence.

Partnering for exports

Thanks to the interactions with the Korean industry ( Naval Shipyards , EPCs  )  Thales is offering solutions for Naval , Transportation, Critical Infrastructure projects and supporting the country’s export capabilities.

Key Figures

A presence for over 30 years
Main Office in Seoul


  • Aerospace in Republic of Korea
    The Group is a main partner with Korean Air, providing In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity solutions to over 50% of their fleet.
  • Defence in Republic of Korea
    Thales is a supplier of the Korean Defence Forces, with a major influence in the naval sensor and air defence domains.
  • Security in Republic of Korea
    Thales is positioning itself in South of korea to address local needs for cities’ and critical infrastructure security
  • Transportation in Republic of Korea
    Thales represents more than 40% of market share in rail signalling solutions, with five urban rail & four mainline signalling projects secured in the past ten years.
  • Space in Republic of Korea
    Thales delivers satellites both for military (Koreasat-5 & Kompsat 5) and commercial use (Koreasat-6, Koreasat-7, Koreasat-5A).


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