For Thales, Turkey is a key country where competitive and innovation-based products are developed through the means of strategic business partnerships.

A presence for over 25 years

Thales has been present in Turkey for over 25 years, with an office established since 1987, and employs more than 110 people.

Thales has been providing its customers with the most advanced technological solutions available in the Transportation, Defence, Aerospace and Space domains. In 2009, Thales established the company Thales Ulaşım Sistemleri (Thales Transportation Systems) in Turkey. This company delivers installation, site tests and commissioning, software tests, maintenance, project management and training capabilities.

In 2011, Thales took over Yaltes. This take-over constitutes a new phase in the long relationship between Turkey and Thales which began in 2002, when Thales with its Turkish partner created the Joint-venture. Our aim is to strengthen local ties with both large industrial groups and SMEs and continue develop our industrial footprint and local talent pool.

Local cooperation

Thales has a strong willingness to formulate and implement partnerships within the Turkish Industry to address the export market, with projects revolving around technical and marketing complementarities. 
  • In 2002, Thales with its Turkish partner created the joint-venture Yaltes. Yaltes locally provides technologies, system integration solutions and system lifecycle support in the fields of Maritime Warfare Management Systems, Integrated Platform Control & Monitoring Systems for Vessels, and Network-supported Abilities. In 2011, Thales took over Yaltes.
  • Thales and ASELSAN signed a cooperation agreement in 2015 to continue the joint development of a Missile Launcher System. The cooperation between the two companies was initiated in 2010 and first stage firings of an integrated Missile Launcher System and LMM were demonstrated in 2014.
  • Thales and the Turkish industry have been working closely together on several programs, including 3D Radar Modernization, Helmet Mounted Sight Display with Aselsan, Genesis with Havelsan and Göktürk with TAI.
Thales employees in Turkey
400 km
Thales is involved in the 400km of double-track sections of the Ankara-Istanbul line


  • Space in Turkey
    Thales’ presence in Turkey is based on a long standing heritage related to space and ground segment domains.
  • Defence in Turkey
    In the defence domain, the Group has established a strong position as a main supplier to the Turkish Navy.
  • Transportation in Turkey
    In transportation, Thales has established a solid position in the country.
  • Aerospace in Turkey
    In the field of Aerospace, Thales celebrates an excellent reputation and has established very strong a very strong position with Turkish Airlines as an important supplier of avionics and simulation equipment.