With more than 40 years of development in Africa, Thales is a trusted partner for African countries in defence and security, transportation, aerospace and space.

Benefiting from the continuous positive trend in air traffic, Thales is strengthening its leadership in air traffic management. Thales is the primary supplier of ATM to African customers.

Driven by the global growth of urbanisation and the upgrade of systems in developed countries, Thales develops ground transportation in Africa.

Security is one of the main priorities for most of the countries in Africa. Thales is capitalising on the growth in security markets (critical infrastructures, cities and borders, but also cyber security).

Key Figures

40 years
of development in Africa
employees including Joint Ventures
6 offices
Algeria, Egypt, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria and South Africa

Local cooperation

Joint ventures and academic partnerships form the core approach for our cooperative relationships in Africa.
In 1982, Thales formed a joint venture called Arab International Optronics (AIO) for the local production of optical and optronic equipment in Egypt.

Over the past thirty years, Thales has built a longstanding partnership with NANSC, Egypt’s Air Navigation Service Provider, to provide a variety of state-of-the-art Thales products.

In 2014, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between Egypt’s former Transport Minister and Thales for the creation of an Egyptian Academy of Transport Science and Technology (EATST).

In Morocco, Thales has announced in December 2015 the creation of a new industrial competence centre specialising in metal additive manufacturing (3D printing) in Casablanca. The project will begin in 2016, and the 3D printing facility will be fully operational as of 2018.

This competence centre will give us access to a highly capable ecosystem of industrial suppliers specialising in mechanical parts; helping us meet all our requirements in terms of material, performance and reproducibility for the Aerospace market.

Moreover, Thales is today involved in Africa through academic partnerships with the Université international de Rabat (UIR) in Morocco.


  • Security in Africa
    Thales provided security solutions for King Shaka International Airport in South Africa and for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.
  • Space in Africa
    Thales has been present in Africa for over 30 years in the space sector.
  • Transportation in Africa
    Thales is a major partner in Africa and is supplying rail signalling systems for mainline and urban line, ticketing solutions for urban rail and mobile communications to several countries in Africa.
  • Defence in Africa
    Thales enhances defence capabilities of African countries.
  • Aerospace in Africa
    Thales’ systems are currently managing around 80 % of Africa’s air traffic movements, which represents 30 countries.