Thales has been present in Egypt since 1973, providing its customers with capabilities for air traffic control, communications, radars, air defence and transportation systems.

The Group’s vision is to bring security, safety and growth in the country; whilst evolving state sovereignty, providing sustainable economic development, and fostering local talent. This factor is evident through the continuous local cooperation between Thales and the Egyptian state.

Historically, Thales has provided defence solutions, aerospace and transportation systems for urban railway projects in Egypt. Over the last few years, the Group has extended its footprint in other areas including security for critical infrastructure and space-related products. Thales’ local presence is continuously increasing as a result of the country’s economic growth initiatives.

Key figures

A presence for over 40 years
employees including Joint Ventures

Local cooperation

Thales’ strategy encompasses the aim of promoting local expansion in the Middle East. Joint ventures and academic partnerships form the core approach for the cooperative relationships in Egypt. Examples of this include :
  • In 1982, Thales formed a joint venture called Arab International Optronics (AIO). AOI is an Egyptian joint stock company, created on a 49/51 basis between Thales and the National Service Products Organisation (NASPO) for the local production of optical and optronic equipment. The company today employs about 400 employees.
  • Over the past thirty years Thales has built a longstanding partnership with NANSC, Egypt’s Air Navigation Service Provider. This collaboration has provided a variety of state-of-the-art Thales products, ranging from air traffic surveillance radars, modern navaids and air traffic control simulators for the Egyptian Aviation Academy; to the Air Traffic Management (ATM) system and the tower system for Cairo International Airport.
  • In 2014, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between Egypt’s former Transport Minister and Thales for the creation of an Egyptian Academy of Transport Science and Technology (EATST). The Egyptian Rail Academy is a transportation institute enabling customers to develop competences in all areas of transport infrastructure. Thales, via its corporate university, will carry out a feasibility study for the academy and propose academic and professional training programmes in the field of urban and main line rail. The academy will eventually be capable of welcoming more than 1,000 students and trainees, with an initial year group of 200.
  • Since 2000 Thales has developed a strategic partnership with the Ministry of Military Production encompassing a transfer of technology and local manufacturing of defence-related systems.


  • Defence in Egypt
    This sector is omnipresent throughout the Group’s operations in Egypt, conveyed by the numerous contracts that have recently been awarded to the Group.
  • Security in Egypt
    In accordance with Egypt’s modernisation plan, the security domain is an emerging market for the Thales Group.
  • Aerospace in Egypt
    Thales is a world leader in air traffic control management systems and civil radars, with a market share of 70% for navigation aid systems.
  • Space in Egypt
    Egypt is considered one of the most advanced countries in terms of space technologies in the Middle East.
  • Transportation in Egypt
    Thales strives to deepen its presence in the country by contributing its expertise in order to improve the standard of living for Egyptian people. Today, Thales is a key partner for major rail developments.