Thales has served the Moroccan defence, aerospace, transportation and security markets for more than 40 years. A local office opened in Rabat in 2006 and now employs 45 people.

The Group has close ties with local SMEs and universities and is a member of leading professional associations including GIMAS (Groupement des Industries Marocaines Aéronautiques et Spatiales), GIFER (Groupement des Industries Ferroviaires), CFCIM (Chambre Française de Commerce et d'Industrie du Maroc) and CLUSIM (Club de la Sécurité de l'Information Marocain).

In 2015, Thales announced the creation of a new industrial competence centre specialising in 3D printing. Located in Casablanca and serving international customers, this facility will be operational in 2018.


A local presence for over 40 years
Permanent office in Rabat
Industrial operations in Casablanca (3D printing plant)
45 employees

Commitment at local level

Supporting the development of local industry – 3D printing facility serving international markets:

With a view to supporting economic development in Morocco as well as tapping into local skills and capabilities, Thales in 2015 announced its plan to set up an industrial facility in Casablanca specialising in metal additive manufacturing (3D metal printing).

With 3D printing, components can be produced with more complex internal structures than is possible with conventional processes, and time to market is also shorter. 3D printing can be used to make complicated items with multiple components and functions that would be difficult or impossible to produce with conventional mechanical machining.

The technology represents a real revolution in mechanical part design and production. Thales’s future plant in Morocco will be feature the latest innovations in smart, connected industrial facilities as part of the moves by the Group to transition to the latest digital technologies in all its production systems.

The Casablanca competence centre will bring Thales access to a highly capable ecosystem of industrial suppliers specialising in mechanical part design and production, helping the Group to meet all its requirements in terms of quality, performance and reproducibility for the aerospace and space markets.

Thales Group - Photo usine 3D
3D printing plant in Casablanca


The project is part of Thales's broader cooperation with Morocco. The company has also set up other competence centres in Rabat:

  • A radio and radar maintenance centre for Morocco’s administrative agencies

  • A specialised cybersecurity centre to conduct audits and roll out Thales solutions

Partnership with the academic research community:

In the fields of training and research, Thales has forged strong ties with local universities. In April 2013, Thales and Rabat International University signed a partnership agreement covering aerospace, space and cybersecurity to support technological innovation through training and research.

Support for academic training is a priority for Thales and one of the strategic pillars of its involvement in Morocco. In 2005, for example, Thales signed an MoU with INPT (Institut National des Postes et Télécommunications) in Rabat with a view to training project leaders. More than 150 engineers from INPT, ENSA and Moroccan universities have received training on high-tech telecom systems to date. In 2010, Thales signed a further agreement with MAScIR and ENSA Marrakesh to develop training opportunities in radar architectures.

The Group is also supporting research into Additive Layer Manufacturing (ALM) technology in partnership with the universities of Fes, Tangiers and Meknes.


Thales Group - Transport Maroc_ONCF
Thales is deploying a comprehensive GSM-R mobile communication system for Morocco’s national rail network
Key points:
  • For the national rail operator ONCF, Thales is providing signalling systems for the Taourirt-Béni Ansar line and the control system for the Nouaceur-Jorf Lasfar line.
  • The company is also deploying mobile communications (GSM-R) on seven lines of the national rail network.
In 2014, the Thales/Huawei/Imet consortium signed a contract with Morocco’s national railway operator ONCF to deploy a comprehensive GSM-R mobile communications system on seven lines of the national rail network, including the high-speed line between Tangiers and Kenitra. GSM-R ensures communications between trains, trackside systems and train control centres with a high-level of reliability.

Thales is the consortium leader and has overall project management responsibility. Drawing on its experience in GSM-R communication systems, the Group is in charge of overall system design and integration as well as maintenance activities.

Thales deployed its rail signalling solutions on the Taourirt-Béni Ansar line in 2007 and installed the first ETCS system on the Rabat-Casablanca line in 2009. A Thales control system was also installed in 2013 for the Nouaceur-Jorf Lasfar line.


Thales Group - Thales supplies in-flight entertainment systems to the national carrier Royal Air Maroc
Thales supplies in-flight entertainment systems to the national carrier Royal Air Maroc

Key points:

  • Thales has supplied navigation aids for the airports at Tangiers, Oujda, Fes, Errachidia, Zagora, Dakhla and Casablanca.
  • As a first-tier supplier of avionics and onboard electronics for Boeing and Airbus airliners, the company is also a key partner for the national carrier Royal Air Maroc.
  • Royal Air Maroc's Boeing 737 and 787 fleets are equipped with Thales in-flight entertainment systems.

For the national airports authority (ONDA), Thales has supplied navigation aids for the airports at Tangiers, Oujda, Fes, Errachidia, Zagora, Dakhla and Casablanca.

In March 2016, the company signed a partnership agreement with AIMAC (Académie Internationale Mohammed VI de l'Aviation Civile) to support air traffic management instruction and training.

Royal Air Maroc has chosen Thales in-flight entertainment systems for its airliners. As a tier-one equipment supplier to Boeing and Airbus, Thales also works regularly on aircraft maintenance and upgrade programmes with teams in Morocco.


Thales Group - Thales equipped the FREMM frigate with communication systems and a sonar suite
Thales equipped the FREMM frigate with communication systems and a sonar suite
Key points:
  • Thales is a trusted partner for the Moroccan Navy. The Group is providing combat systems and sonar capabilities for the SIGMA corvettes, and the FREMM frigate Mohammed VI is also equipped with Thales communication and sonar systems.
  • Thales tactical radios have been in service with the Moroccan Army for nearly 30 years.
Thales is providing combat systems for Morocco’s SIGMA-class corvettes as well as communication systems and a sonar suite for the FREMM frigate Mohammed VI. Thales tactical radio systems have been in service with the Moroccan Army for nearly 30 years. Thales was also awarded the contract to upgrade Morocco’s F1 aircraft.


Key point:
  • Thales supplied the country’s biometric national identity card, based on contactless smartcard technology.
All Morocco’s banks rely on Thales cybersecurity solutions. The company has also set up a dedicated cybersecurity competence centre to help local businesses fight cybercrime. The centre conducts audits and implements cybersecurity solutions for customers not only in Morocco but throughout Africa.

A project is also underway to develop a competence centre dedicated to physical security solutions for sensitive sites and facilities.