Thales delivers a range of training devices and services for military helicopter training, from computer learning systems and cockpit procedures trainers (CPT) to Full Mission Simulators (FMS).
All devices are compliant with the international regulations and certified by local flight authorities. Thales Helicopter training solutions deliver Mission Readiness and maximum safety levels for operations.
With its partners, Thales supports the armed forces with advanced Training Devices on Tiger, NH90, Chinook, Sea-King and other military helicopters.

Operational efficiency

We deliver mission readiness by preparing pilots and crews for their operational missions.  
Whatever the type of mission, Nap-of-the-Earth (NOE) tactical flying, combat Search & Rescue, or urban areas operations, Thales offers a complete range of military helicopter training solutions from specific training devices such as Full Mission Simulators, Cockpit Procedures Trainers or Computer-Based Training systems to turnkey training services.
With innovative modeling technologies, Thales creates realistic cues and fully immersive environments to reach mission efficiency and increase the safety of operations.

Training services

Based on our profound understanding of the operational environments and mission cycles, our training service offerings for helicopter training can span courseware design and delivery, collective classroom training, Full Flight Simulators and up to a global offer within turnkey training centres.

Thales Group - Tigre simulateur
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