Thales provides a number of training services to armed forces around the world. In the UK we provide a number of services to the RAF, including A400M, Voyager and Tornado GR4, where Thales manages the full training service, including the build, design and delivery of the service.

  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Solution Architecture
  • Training Design
  • Instruction 

Thales supports world-class armed forces in peace-time and during operations providing ab initio, operational conversion, continuation, upgrade and refresher training, through to mission rehearsal in preparation for live operations and multiple contingencies.  Thales provides a comprehensive suite of training solutions for the whole life-cycle of military training in the Air, Land, Naval, Joint and multinational environments.  These encompass the design, development and establishment of training services and centres that draw upon Thales’ core training and simulation capabilities, innovative training concepts, as well as financial, commercial and delivery models to provide high performing, cost-effective, and flexible value for money solutions.

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