In Aerospace, governments, airports, airlines, pilots, crews and passengers rely on Thales to make flight safer, easier and more efficient.
We do this by designing, delivering and supporting the systems that keep our skies running. From air traffic management, training and simulation solutions, nose-to-tail aircraft connectivity and in-flight services, we enable and connect all parts of the aerospace ecosystem in the air, on the ground, and in between.
Whatever it takes.

The people we all rely on to make the world go round – they rely on Thales: in a world full of opportunity and unpredictability we help those with big ambitions for our world think faster, and act smarter.

Key Figures

Worldwide provider of Air Traffic Management (ATM)
< 40%
of the world's aerospace managed by Thales air traffic control centers
worldwide and No.1 in Europe in avionics
of the aircraft that take off and land in the world every day use Thales equipment
worldwide in in-flight entertainment and connectivity

Sub activities

  • Air Traffic Management
    With challenges facing the air traffic management sector, and the continuous increase of air traffic, the importance of Air Navigation Service Providers improving air control capacity, efficiency and safety are paramount.
  • Flight deck, avionics equipment & functions
    As one of the world's largest suppliers in the aerospace sector, Thales is a renowned leading provider of avionics for all major global airframers.
  • Flight Avionics
    We design avionics suites, cockpit displays, human system interfaces, integrated modular avionics, flight management, EFB solutions...
  • Thales InFlyt Experience
    IFE and connectivity systems and services for a unique passenger experience and airlines revenue generation.
  • Electrical systems
    At Thales, our leading electrical systems provide safe power management, generation, conversion, and optimisation for effective aircraft oversight.
  • Training Solutions Aerospace
  • Navigation Solutions
    Thales expertise in the navigation and positioning domains feeds a broad range of aviation and space programs...
  • Thales support & services for avionics equipment
    Thales avionics products & services for maintenance, repair, overhaul, training, technical support, trading, AOG, flight operations services & EFB applications.
  • Supplier Online
    As a Technology provider, Thales had to propose a simple and direct tool in order to develop a mean to communicate more efficiently with our Suppliers.