Every day hundreds of thousands of planes take-off and land around the world and millions of passengers expect to arrive at their destinations safely, quickly and without delays.
Air Traffic Controllers monitor these flights, delivering both safety and efficiency together. Whatever your environment, traffic and budget, Thales combines radar and non-radar technologies to provide you the most adapted surveillance solution, offering you a unique global surveillance capability.
Thales Group - Surveillance



Thales STAR NG, a new S-band Radar for Approach Control is the evolution of the highly successful STAR 2000.

STAR NG is designed to support both civil and military requirements in today’s complex operation environment – windfarms, UAVs and 4D remediation.
This new PSR has the best operational value with an excellent detection and optimized life cycle cost.
Thales Group - STAR NG

RSM 970S

RSM 970 S is a monopulse secondary surveillance radar that gives controller total support in severe air traffic conditions. The Mode S functions cover the selective interrogation, the elementary/enhanced surveillance and full data link.

Key features:

  • More than 200 operational references in 53 countries
  • Contributes to radar separation standards
  • Full Mode S functionalities validated by EUROCONTROL
  • Stand-alone or co-mounted with a primary S-band or L-band radar

Thales is the sole provider able to offer a full range of surveillance systems from radar to ADS-B.

RSM 970S radar
RSM 970S radar
RSM 970S radar
RSM 970S radar
Secondary surveillance radar
Secondary surveillance radar


Thales TRAC NG is an L-band Radar for en route Air Traffic Control.

TRAC NG is a high performance en route radar which combines long range, altimetry, windfarm impact mitigation and good small target detection range.
Thales Group - TRAC

TopSky - Tracking

Thales TopSky - Tracking is a field proven tracking system integrating data from all surveillance sensors including PSR, SSR, Mode S, ADS-B, WAM and surface sensors.

TopSky - Tracking is designed to support the controller’s performance by seamlessly combining data from all available sensors into a single, high integrity track suitable for display to the controller or input into other automaton tools such as safety nets and sequencing tools.
Thales Group - Tracking

Thales Group - TopSky tracking scheme


Thales’s MAGS*/ADS-B is a proven ground-based Automatic Dependant Surveillance Broadcast system.
MAGS/ADS-B provides a low-cost cooperative surveillance system all phases of aircraft operations, including embedded security features.
Many Thales ADS-B systems are operationally deployed with mayor references including US FAA and AirServices Australia.
*MAGS = Multilateration and ADS-B Ground System
Thales Group - MAGS
Thales Group - ADS-B



Thales MAGS*/MLAT & WAM is a proven transponder multilateration for high-performance surveillance.
MAGS/MLAT & WAM is a single versatile system configurable to fulfill surface, precision approach, terminal area and en-route cooperative surveillance needs.
MAGS is highly efficient and safe even in difficult traffic environments, supported by effective modeling and validation tools.
Thales Group - MLAT
Thales Group - MLAT WAM

FOD & RunWize™

Thales RunWize™ is a runway management and automated Foreign Object Debris Detection solution. The RunWize™ advanced sensor for safe and efficient runways is a scalable solution from hot-spots to entire runways.
Other available configurations:
  • BirdWize™ delivers a ground level bird detection
  • SnowWize™ provides a remote snow depth measurement
  • ViewWize™ contributes to security even in poorest visibility conditions
  • FODspot™ is suited for critical area surveillance
Thales Group - FOD
Thales Group - FODetect 1
Thales Group - FODetect 2
Thales Group - FODetect 3


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    11 Dec 2015

    MAGS / MLAT & WAM Multilateration and ADS-B Ground Surveillance System

    MAGS - Multilateration and ADS-B ground surveillance system
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    RunWize TM Advanced Runway Management Solution

    FODetec - Foreign object Detection
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    MAGS / ADS-B Multilateration and ADS-B Ground Surveillance System

    MAGS - Multilateration and ADS-B ground surveillance system
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    Global Surveillance Solution Booklet v2 (English Version)
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