As one of the world's largest suppliers in the aerospace sector, Thales is a renowned leading supplier of avionic suites, on-board instruments and functions for all major global air-framers.

We are uniquely positioned to bring together the latest robust technologies to design world-class secure, easy to use interactive cockpits and avionics systems for all types of civilian and military platforms. With extensive experience in civil and business aircraft, helicopters, military aircraft and UAVs, our innovative 'supported-through-life' strategies maximise the efficiency of aircraft and their crew.

More than 1,000 highly skilled avionics employees operate through locally based operations worldwide to provide a global service, supporting flexible systems architectures, ease of maintenance and upgradability.

At Thales, our solutions correspond directly to your systems requirements and are supported with 24-hour assistance worldwide.

Sub activities

  • Commercial Avionics
    Our commitment is to contribute to the future of the civil aerospace sector by providing equipment, systems and services to support aircraft manufacturers and airlines
  • Military Avionics
    For today’s armed forces, faced with new threats on exceptional theatres of operations, and committed to very fast interventions with an obligation to make a success of the mission, equipment availability is crucial
  • Helicopter Avionics
    As the European leader in avionics, we shape and deploy our unique portfolio from products to systems and services to meet the new challenges of our worldwide civil and military customers
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