For today’s armed forces, faced with new threats on exceptional theatres of operations, and committed to very fast interventions with an obligation to make a success of the mission, equipment availability is crucial. When joint task and inter-allied force exercises demand versatility and speed of reconfiguration, connectivity becomes essential as well as the protection of the systems against cyber-attacks.

In this context of deep and rapid transformations, avionics systems need to perform well with high availability and integrity. Aircraft have to incorporate intuitive man-machine interfaces capable of reducing the pilots’ workload and extremely reliable flight management systems, with everything supported by powerful critical computers as well as communication, navigation and surveillance systems adapted to meet the requirements of success and security.

Over recent years, we have concentrated our developments around the pilot’s workload, the integrity of the exchanges, system security and the insertion of the military carriers in civil air traffic. The optimization of acquisition and evolution cycles in order to constantly master the adaptation of systems to the needs is also one of our principal concerns.

The technologies of tomorrow are prepared today by maintaining close relations with our customers and by exchanging regularly with operational people. Thanks to our dual technologies we benefit also from our civil avionics experiences, which we can transpose into military avionics today by taking into account of course the specificity of the missions - hostile environments, interventions in any weather, etc. - as well as physiological constraints of the pilots.

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