Thales Pad is a rugged EFB tablet specifically designed for cockpit use. Integrating the best of consumer touchscreen tablets, it provides the greatest avionics functionalities. Thanks to its wide luminosity range, anti-reflectivity and anti-smudge characteristics, docking functionalities and connectivity solutions, the Thales Pad is the benchmark EFB for airlines.
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High-performance EFB tablet for pilots

Thales Pad boasts the same level of performance as the best consumer world tablets. It combines the advantages of different tablets by providing a slot for 3G/4G SIM, USB ports and SD card capability.

Equipped with the Windows 8.1 Pro or Windows 10 operating system, Thales Pad is a high-performance tablet for the pilot thanks to its updated CPU and high memory capacity. Made for professionals, the electronic flight bag (EFB) tablet has enhanced reliability compared to consumer product.

Designed for cockpit environment

Inside the cockpit, pilots need to have the best devices to enhance situation awareness. As Electronic Flight Bags have become the must-have tool in cockpits, many COTS tablets were used in cockpits. However, these consumer world tablets were designed to be mainly used in daily life and do not meet all Airlines and Pilots’ needs.

Thanks to its extended luminosity range, the anti-glare treated screen and backlighted buttons Thales Pad is readable and accessible in all operating conditions (day and night). Moreover, its operating range allows use in extreme temperature conditions (from -15°C to +55°C), ensuring maximum availability for the pilot.

Thales Pad is also a benchmark EFB reference in the avionics world because the tablet is fully compliant to the DO-160 avionics environment standard, EFB AC 120-76C and AMC 20-25.

Already selected by aircraft manufacturers and airlines such as Air France, the Thales Pad is already available for Airbus A330 and Boeing B777 and compatible with A350 XWB EFB solutions.
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One-hand integrated docking system

Thales Pad benefits from a unique docking system to install and connect the tablet in the aircraft. 
  • "One-hand" easy dock and release systemƒƒ
  • Integrated power and data buses enabling clean cockpit installation
  • Delivered with associated Form1, wiring kit and STC (optional)
  • Compatible with "night stop" installations
  • Compatible with other consumer market tablets (iPad®, Microsoft Surface Pro®) thanks to Thales Dock & Fly System, an innovative cradle solution for COTS tablets.

Scalable solution

With Thales Pad, Thales is offering a scalable solution based on clients’ needs. Indeed, it is possible to have a fully connected aircraft thanks to Ethernet. It enables expanded usage such as in-flight connectivity and printer connection. Moreover, clients may add an AID (Aircraft Interface Device) for wired avionics connectivity and a server option for on-board data repository.

Worldwide support

  • Thales worldwide product support network
  • 3-year refresh cycles without impact in form factor/connectors/installation
  • Removable and replaceable battery enabling longer device lifespan
  • Standard product warranty
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