TopStar C is the certified GNSS receiver solution for every flight phase. It enables reliable navigation and approach for aircraft and helicopters and provides crucial functions including LPV, RNP, and ADS-B as well as GBAS (in the near future). Compliant with the latest navigation functions, TopStar C is at the heart of ATM, and available as both linefit and retrofit for aircraft and helicopters.

TopStar C, the standalone GPS receiver, at the heart of aviation

Reducing cost via easy integration

TopStar C operates as a standalone GPS receiver. Compliant with the ARINC 743A-4 standard, it can also be easily associated with an inertial reference unit or a flight management system. TopStar C is part of the TopDeck® avionics suite. It also operates in military theatres.

At the heart of Air Traffic Management

ATM is evolving from a radar-controlled environment to trajectory-managed airspace. With the inception of high-precision approach features like Localizer Performance with Vertical guidance (LPV), Required Navigation Performance (RNP) and Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B), GPS receivers have become the cornerstone of navigation systems. Consistent accuracy, availability and reliability are essential in order to safely accomplish ever more demanding missions, using the WAAS and EGNOS satellite constellations.

Using high technology to build confidence

Having been involved in the development of GNSS receivers (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS) for many years, Thales has developed a unique GPS receiver featuring a Doubledelta®-patented correlation technique for multipath mitigation, compatible with the D0-229D. Already flying on board ATR-42, ATL2, A109 LUH and the S-76D helicopter, TopStar C is ruggedized to adapt to harsh environments.

TopStar C: new opportunities for the future


In the near future civil aviation will use a combination of GPS and Galileo, and TopStar C will be upgraded with multi constellation capability when offered for civil aviation. 

Ground transportation

Using the experience gained in the aerospace sector, navigation systems using GPS or multi constellation (GPS + Galileo) will be integrated for emerging applications such as driverless cars as well as for public transportation (buses, trams and trains), professional UAVs, maritime and future generations of robotics. The next-generation TopStar dual-constellation GPS and Galileo-based solution from Thales is thus set to play a crucial role in the development and testing of safety/liability critical solutions for all forms of transportation, including rail.

Why TopStar C?

  • EASA and FAA certifications
  • High precision navigation system: unrivalled level of safety
  • Linefit and retrofit device
  • At the cornerstone of avionic navigation systems: LPV, RNP, GBAS & ADS-B
  • Adopted and approved by ATR-600, ATL2, KC390, C295, A109 LUH and S-76D helicopters (on regional aircraft, military aircraft and helicopters)

GNSS Products Line

  • TopShield: The CRPA solution against GPS jamming threats
    Thales TopShield is an ITAR-free anti-jamming device allowing reliable GPS / GNSS positioning for aircraft, helicopters, missiles, submarines…
  • TopStar M, military GPS/GNSS receivers for mission success
    TopStar M is a set of military GNSS receivers with high anti-jamming and spoofing performance levels for fighter, helicopter, missile, UAV, surface ship.
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