TopStar M is a range of GNSS receivers with high-performance accuracy, integrity, anti-jamming, anti-spoofing and SAASM functionalities, for demanding platforms such as helicopters, UAVs, radar, missiles, fighters and surface ships.

GNSS receivers for military GPS/GALILEO

A wide range of battlefield-proven applications

For more than 30 years, Thales military receivers have been on board numerous military platforms with thousands of units delivered: missiles, fighters, air transport, helicopters, patrol aircraft, surface ships, UAVs, radar, fire control systems, etc. They are all suitable for both linefit and retrofit programs.
Thales offers three different receivers: the GNSS 1000-S, a single boardimplementing all military functions, the GNSS 100-2, a packaged version of the GNSS 1000-S with ARINC, 1553 or NMEA interfaces, and the GNSS 100-3, a packaged version of the GNSS 1000-S with RS 422 interface.

GNSS 1000-S: The European SAASM solution

  • Outstanding anti-jamming performances
  • High levels of performance: accuracy, integrity, ultra-fast direct Y acquisition
  • Compliant with new civil air traffic regulations
  • Fully in-house signal processing (tracking loop, PVT)
  • Conform to US security rules
  • All in view: 24 channels (L1 and L2)
  • GRAM receivers
  • SAASM extended functions
  • Position and Velocity Integrity Monitoring (RAIM & VAIM)
  • Roadmap includes GALILEO PRS and code M

GNSS 100-2 & 100-3: standalone solution

  • Standalone GPS receiver with 24-channel all in view concept
  • Three versions:
    - Legacy P(Y) code with PPSSM & AOC
    - C/A and GLONASS: for export programs
    - P(Y) code with SAASM: for authorised countries
  •  High levels of performance required for fighters and standoff missiles and helicopters 
  • Interfaces: Several I/O versions available:
    - ARINC 429 or MILSTD1553B or DIGIBUS
    - RS 422
    - NMEA

Achieving higher performance with Thales solutions

Coupled with the Thales anti-jamming solution TopShield, and the inertial solution TopAxyz, or with any other inertial or CRPA anti-jamming system, Thales GNSS receivers provide smart and efficient solutions for the most demanding applications.

GNSS Products Line

  • TopShield: The CRPA solution against GPS jamming threats
    Thales TopShield is an ITAR-free anti-jamming device allowing reliable GPS / GNSS positioning for aircraft, helicopters, missiles, submarines…
  • TopStar C: The certified GNSS localization solution for a safe journey
    Thales TopStar C is a high performing certified GPS/GNSS receiver thanks to functions that allow a precise navigation to aircraft as LPV, RNP, GBAS & ADS-B.
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