In Defence, we are trusted at the highest levels to help armed forces prepare for, achieve and maintain tactical superiority and strategic independence over any form of threat.
Governments rely on Thales to protect citizens, and make the world safer. From designing smart sensors and advanced defence systems, to developing collaborative combat, and connecting and equipping soldiers on the digital battlefield, our systems deliver information superiority and give joint forces mastery of action whenever they face their decisive moments.
Whatever it takes.

A solid reputation in defence built on trust

We have forged a solid reputation in the defence industry as a result of our high-performance solutions and strong investment in key research areas. Over 50 of the world’s navies rely on our solutions to better prepare for the challenges of the sea. We are also the leading supplier of C4ISTAR systems to NATO.


Operational efficiency to ensure highest levels of defence

We excel in supplying air, land, naval and joint forces with an unrivalled depth of capability in the following five areas:
  • Communications, command and control systems
  • Mission services and support
  • Protection and mission / combat systems
  • Surveillance, detection and intelligence systems
  • Training & Simulation
Using our expertise in these areas, we develop top-tier tools for:
  • Controlling engagements,
  • Detecting, identifying and neutralising threats,
  • Distributing information,
  • Supporting command decisions,
  • Training defence forces.

Simplifying joint operations in defence

The overarching goal of our defence solutions is to simplify and harmonise joint operations. We specialise in interoperable systems that make missions more efficient and help our customers get the most value out of their investment. Allowing our systems to interact seamlessly with others means that our customers have the upper hand when it comes to decision-making.

Our offer includes:
  • Thales COMMANDER, an open architecture information system
  • Signals Intelligence and Communication Intelligence and Electronic Warfare
  • ​Joint systems infrastructure and satellite networks

Key Figures

Customer and industry confidence

in our solutions is reflected in our current rankings
Worldwide rank in advanced air defence
Worldwide rank in air C4I systems
European rank in defence electronics

Sub activities

  • Air forces
    Today, the nature of defence challenges has changed: air forces must now respond to asymmetric threats. For the past 40 years, Thales has developed and supplied best-in-class systems for combat aircraft.
  • Land forces
    Thales partners with leading land forces worldwide, supplying the tools and equipment that militaries need to gain and to maintain operational superiority.
  • Naval forces
    Today’s navies operate in high-risk environments to protect onshore and offshore assets.
  • Joint Systems
    Thales provides air, land, naval, coalition and special forces with the capabilities they need to achieve information and mission superiority.
  • Training Solutions
    Thales leads the way in worldwide Military and Civil training applications. From training equipment to complex turnkey training services and Thales Training Academy, we provide first-class assistance in the development of operational environments.
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles systems
    Thales is a leader in the fast growing market of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). We have over 40 years of experience in Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance innovation on which we have build our UAS systems and services.
  • Radio Communications
    Thales is a world leader for tactical radios and on-board communication solutions for land, air and naval forces.
  • Mission-critical communication
  • Supplier Online
    As a Technology provider, Thales had to propose a simple and direct tool in order to develop a mean to communicate more efficiently with our Suppliers.