Today, the nature of defence challenges has changed: air forces must now respond to asymmetric threats. For the past 40 years, Thales has developed and supplied best-in-class systems for combat aircraft. This expertise enables us to help our customers to face tomorrow’s air defence challenges by designing the systems, subcomponents and instruments they need to protect critical assets.

Leading the way in air force defence

We have remained at the cutting edge of airborne defence by leveraging our partnerships with the world’s best military air framers and continually stressing the importance of innovation.

To supply defence ministries with the right tools for flight control, navigation, communications and surveillance, we collaborate with the following industry-leading organisations:

We are proud that our innovative solutions have been selected by the following organisations:

The highest quality air defence solutions

Built to the highest standards, our solutions provide manufacturers with the systems they need in the following areas:

Through these activities, we have demonstrated our ability to provide outstanding products including:

  • Ground Master 400, digital defence radar
  • Our data fusion tools, selected by Dassault aviation for the Rafale fighter plane
  • C4I system, selected by France, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Turkey


  • Advanced Air Defence
    We help our customers keep their skies, citizens and key assets safe through advanced air defence solutions such as ground radar systems, weapon coordination and missile defence.
  • Combat Systems
    Thales designs, manufactures and maintains the world’s best solutions for aircraft self-protection to give pilots the upper hand in all types of missions.
  • Defence Onboard Electronics
    Thales is a trusted partner of defence ministries worldwide, providing a full range of high-performing military avionics.
  • C4ISR
    Thales's strong industrial presence and proven capabilities as an equipment supplier, service provider and prime contractor enable the Groupe to design C4ISR systems that best meet its customers’ needs.
  • Command and Control Centres - Air Operations
    In partnership with Thales Raytheon Systems (TRS), Thales is playing an active role in defining the future of combat air operations.
  • Mission and Surveillance Systems
    Mission Airborne Solutions based on the most sophisticated techniques in Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance, allow to give to the End User the means to take the right decision at the right time.
  • Radars and Sensors
    For air forces to effectively contribute to military operations, aircraft must be equipped with surveillance and reconnaissance systems for effective patrol activities.
  • Weapon systems & munitions
    Thales is the only company in Europe capable of providing armed forces with a full range of solutions from early warning to threat neutralisation, at all level from very short-range systems to extended air defence.
  • Airborne Optronics
    Thales offers innovative solutions on-board aircraft. Long-range detection and identification of air and surface targets provides unparalleled situational awareness capability while ensuring the aircraft’s self-protection.
  • Services for Air Forces
    In 2008, Thales formed OEM Defence Services, joining forces with the following industry-leading organisations: Diehl Aerospace, Liebherr Aerospace, Safran and Zodiac Aerospace


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  • DefenceRadars and SensorsNaval forces
    SEARCHMASTER airborne multi-role surveillance radar
  • Mission and Surveillance Systems
    Fulmar X is classified in the mini-UAV segment. Its size is 3.1 meters and weighs 19 kilos, it flies to the altitude of 3,000 meters and can achieve a speed of 150 kilometres per hour.
  • Air forces
    Scorpion® is a ‘force multiplier’ system offering full colour symbology (navigation, intelligence, combat, etc.) for both nighttime and daytime missions.
  • Air forces
    As new risks & global threats emerge, governments are calling for higher level of security at the borderlines in order to reinforce the protection of the homeland security.