Reduced costs, exceptional quality 

In 2008, we formed OEM Defence Services, joining forces with the following industry-leading organisations: 

This joint venture enables us to streamline the maintenance supply chain, thereby reducing costs without sacrificing quality. Our customers benefit from an increased capacity to meet their needs anytime, anywhere.

A range of support and services for air forces

For air forces, we offer support and services in the following five key areas: 

  • Business process outsourcing
  • Consulting
  • IT services
  • Supply chain management
  • Training and education 

Our business processing outsourcing covers long-term agreements, fixed costs and Service Level Agreements (SLA) to support the following services: 

  • Explosive ordnance 
  • Maintenance repair and overhaul
  • Multi-role tanker aircraft 

Based on defence vertical consulting practices, our consulting services enable transformation and increase efficiency through the following: 

  • Best practice deployment for purchasing and lean management 
  • Change management
  • Design and construction of new processes
  • Project management

Our IT services provide: 

  • Secured IT infrastructure outsourcing maintenance,
  • Applications management,
  • Technical defence IT systems upgrades.

Our Supply Chain Management & Logistics solutions help our customers to: 

  • Avoid interruptions to defence missions,
  • Find the most responsive solutions while reducing costs.

Our Training & Education help our customers to leverage their human capital through the following services: 

  • Military training
  • Mission rehearsal
  • Simulation
  • Tactical training