That is why individual nations and international military alliances are preparing to expand their capabilities, particularly in anti-missile defence. Thales is the only company in Europe capable of providing armed forces with a full range of solutions from early warning to threat neutralisation, at all level from very short-range systems to extended air defence.

  • Very short-range: the Lightweight Multi-role Missile (LMM) is a low cost, lightweight, precision strike, missile, which has been designed to be fired from tactical platforms including fixed or rotary winged UAVs and surface platforms. The system is designed  to provide a rapid reaction to a wide range of the surface threats from wheeled or tracked vehicles, towed artillery or static installations; naval threats from small ships and fast inshore attack craft and an air threat from light aircraft.
  • Medium-range: Selected in 2003 by France and Italy for the protection of expeditionary forces from air-breathing missile threats and ballistic missiles, the SAMP/T system  was declared operational in 2008. As a member of Eurosam in partnership with MBDA, Thales developed the fire control unit of the SAMP/T system and contributes to Aster electronics (seeker, proximity fuze). The SAMP/T system is now being integrated into the NATO first Active Layer Theatre Ballistic Missile Defence (ALTBMD) capability.
  • Missile electronics: Thales is Europe's leading supplier of electronic subsystems for missiles and precision-guided munitions, and provides equipment and services to customers throughout the world. The company's core competencies cover design, development and production of high-performance seekers and proximity fuzes.
  • Rocket Systems : Thales, through its subsidiaries TDA Armements SAS and Forges de Zeebrugge SA ( FZ) offers to its customers complete system solutions for state of the art air-to-ground rocket systems

Rocket Systems

Thales, through its subsidiaries TDA Armements SAS and Forges de Zeebrugge SA ( FZ) offers to its customers complete system solutions for state of the art air-to-ground rocket systems.
Thales solutions address the needs of more than 30 worldwide customers.

Thales Group - 2014_tdarocket
Generic rocket systems
Generic (2’’75) rocket systems, an international standard rocket systems for all armed Forces
  • FZ offers  international standard rocket systems  in service in more than 30 NATO and other countries (2.75’’ calibre also called 70 mm)
  • Operational on more than 300 aircraft and helicopters,  this rocket system is equipped with  maintainable lightweight composite launchers with removable detents
  • This rocket system provides full range of rocket types offering extended range and terminal efficiency. 
  • Associated large portfolio of ammunition covers various rocket motors and warhead types  including  laser guided rocket  under development.
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Induction rocket systems
Induction Rocket Systems (IRS), a new standard with new operational benefits.
  • TDA’s second generation induction rocket systems delivers deep protection and attack solution for all platform types and to the highest NATO standard . 
  • They offering unprecedented levels of  accuracy and safety (no Foreign Object Damages, Hero/Hirf, no misfire, no hangfire) and they are impossible to repurpose as IEDs . Loading is easy with no tools , by just one operator and maintenance is minimal  
  • The solution includes the TELSON TM family of rocket launchers (Ranging from 2 to 22 tubes) and the Aculeus  TM family of induction rockets, including an ‘in-flight’ programmable laser guided rockets. 
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Mortar Systems

Thales Group - 120 mm 2R2M
  • TDA mortars are masterpieces of modern industrial technology. Since the times of Edgar Brandt, the company has built thousands of mortars of different calibres and delivered millions of mortar shells to a lot of different armed forces.
  • TDA rifled and smooth-tube mortar systems offer unrivalled build quality. They have an undetermined lifetime and, in theory at least, will last forever.
  • The weapons can be remanufactured multiple times and are designed to accommodate the latest technical improvements to maximise ease of operation.

Rifled recoiled Mounted Mortar system - 2R2M

  • Mounted on various types of armoured carriers, the 120 mm 2R2M is fully protected while on the move and ready to fire as soon as the vehicle stops.
  • It can fire 10 rounds within one minute, with improved accuracy compared to the RT towed version, and can then start moving and close the top doors at the same time
  • The 120 mm 2R2M weapon system is suitable for various types of wheeled or tracked armoured vehicles.
  • Countries including Italy, Oman, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia have already chosen the 120 mm 2R2M to equip their elite troops.

120 RT

Thales Group - 120 RT
  • The 120 mm RT entered service with French artillery units in the mid-1990s and has been considered an artillery weapon system since that time.
  • Its robustness, reliability and light logistical footprint have made the 120 mm RT the leading artillery fire support system deployed on expeditionary operations.
  • With a maximum range of 8-13 km, tactical units can maneuver safely, relying on an effective indirect fire support capability that can easily be integrated into a complete artillery chain of command.
  • The 120 RT is in service in 25 countries, among them five NATO member nations.

81 mm

Thales Group - Mortar 81mm
  • The Mo 81 mm LLR has been committed many times in military campaigns overseas.
  • It is also a weapon 'Combat Proven' in particularly difficult conditions (especially in Afghanistan, in Mali and, now, in Central African Republic (CRA) and on which Infantrymen can rely every time and under every climate.
  • Very easy to use, the Mo 81 mm LLR is also very precise and very efficient...

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F90 Assault Rifles

Thales Group - F90 Assault Rifles
The F90 is a military rifle designed to perform in the world’s toughest environments. The F90 delivers accuracy, reliability and adaptability for the modern war fighter.


  • The F90 is one of the lightest assault rifles on the market at 3.25 kg, enabling fast reaction times and rapid target acquisition, a clear advantage in close quarters combat. NATO standard rails and NATO ammunition interoperability provide adaptability for a wide range of mission profiles.
  • Packing a punch, the F90 includes an integrated side loading 40 mm grenade launcher that can be attached in just a few seconds by the soldier – a potentially decisive capability providing flexibility on operations. The grenade launcher itself is equipped with a lightweight robust quadrant sight that ensures rapid target acquisition, can be used at night, and is compatible with night vision goggles.
Variant Calibre Weight Barrel Length Overall Length Calibre Grenade Launcher
F90 5.56 mm   3.25 kg 407 mm 700 mm NA
F90(G) 5.56 mm 4.10 kg 407 mm 700 mm 40 mm x 46 mm
F90M 5.56 mm 3.39 kg 508 mm 802 mm NA
F90M(G) 5.56 mm 4.34 kg 508 mm 802 mm 40 mm x 46 mm
F90CQB 5.56 mm 3.15 kg 360 mm 653 mm NA

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Smokeless Propellant

Thales Group - Smokeless Propellant

Thales propellants offer the highest standards in accuracy, reliability and repeatability under varying temperature conditions. This wide range of military propellants is manufactured to the highest Australian and international standards, from a manufacturing facility certified to ISO 9001.


A world leader in solvent type single-base extruded granular propellant technology. These single-base propellants have excellent clean burning characteristics that minimise barrel fouling. They are designed to exhibit low temperature sensitivity with regard to ballistics and to maintain excellent accuracy and reliability over the extended working temperature range. Capabilities extend to the manufacture of a large range of solvent type extruded double-base, triple-base granular and stick propellants. All are subject to stringent inspection and testing to ensure uniformity and excellence. Laboratory analysis and ageing tests are conducted routinely during production in laboratories registered by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA).


  • 5.56 mm M193/NATO SS109 and L110
  • 5.56 mm/7.62 mm brass & plastic blank
  • 7.62 mm NATO ball/tracer
  • .50 cal ball
  • 20 mm phalanx and M55 full and sub-calibre projectiles
  • 30 mm DEFA air-to-air and air-to ground
  • 40 mm Q/F For practice Mk6, practice Mk 1 and 1 A/T Mk4 and HE
  • 81 mm mortar augmenting charges
  • 105 mm Tank
  • 105 mm Tank L7 For L35A3 or L56A1
  • 105 mm Howitzer M2 & M4 Zones 1–2   for M67, HE shell
  • 105 mm Howitzer M2 & M4 Zones 3–4   for M67, HE shell
  • 105 mm Tank L7 HESH
  • 105 mm Tank L7 APPSDS
  • 5”/54 naval
  • 155 mm Ho witzer Zones 3–7 for M4A2.
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Military Small Arms Ammunition

Thales Group - Military Small Arms Ammunition

Thales’s 5.56 mm, 7.62 mm and .50 calibre ammunition meets design parameters of the NATO STANAG requirements. It can be used in all 5.56 mm, 7.62 mm and .50 cal calibre NATO weapons, and is comparable to other in-service natures such as the FN SS109, US M855, M193 and US M80 ball cartridges.


Thales ammunition employs a specifically designed single base propellant with very low temperature coefficient of ballistics to ensure velocities and pressures remain consistent within variations in ammunition temperature (-54 C to + 80 C). The propellant is primarily nitrocellulose with added stabiliser and ballistic moderants. The propellant has extreme clean burning characteristics and is an excellent replacement for propellants exhibiting weapon fouling. The projectile comprises of a hardened penetrator and a lead slug enclosed in a gilding metal jacket. The ammunition can be shipped in packages conforming to UN recommendations for packaging of dangerous goods. The packages are classified as Hazard Division 1.4S, UN Number 0012, Proper Shipping Name – Cartridges for Weapons, Small Arms.


  • 5.56 mm F1 Ball
  • 5.56 mm F1A1 Ball
  • 5.56 mm F3 Blank
  • 5.56 mm F3A1 Black Blank
  • 5.56 mm F193
  • 7.62 mm F4 Ball
  • .50 cal F1 Ball
  • .50 cal F3 Blank.
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