This is especially true of COMINT (Communication Intelligence), which can access voice or data content. However, communication signals have grown in complexity, requiring the latest digital technologies to maximise interception and ease exploitation in support of the sensor specialist, intelligence analyst, and decision-maker.

Intelligence CIEW is a range of strategic intelligence gathering solutions for national or joint users. It is designed to meet homeland defence, border monitoring and national security requirements to deal with current and near-term communications and network environment. Intelligence CIEW is oriented towards multi-user exploitation and dissemination. It can integrate COMINT assets on fixed or mobile platforms (airborne, land-mobile or ship borne) and can be integrated with ELINT to form a SIGINT capability. Intelligence CIEW includes sensor, sensor exploitation, and COMINT production. It can also address operation centre integration, secure communications, all-source fusion and sensor-C2 integration.




These solutions are based on communications intelligence, electronic support and attack equipments:

  • TRC 6200: Compact tactical COMINT/DF
  • TRC 6000: COMINT/ESM software suite
  • TRC 274: Smart communication jammer
  • TRC 6500: Wide band HF COMINT/DF

Land Q meets the current defence andsecurity threats. It is a range of electronic support and electronic attacksolutions tailored to Army tactical users. It is designed to target the currentand nearterm communication signals of airland engagement.

References:Start, Lynx, SAEC (France)

Naval Q is a range of electronic supportand electronic attack solutions tailored to maritime tactical users, either onlittoral or onboard combat ships. It is designed to target the current andnearterm communications environment of littoral and naval operations.

References:Altesse (France), Fremm (Italy, France)

IntelligenceQ is a range ofstrategic intelligence gathering solutions for national or joint users. It isdesigned to meet the current and nearterm communications signals of thehomeland defence, border monitoring and national security environments.

References:JEWC (Middle East), MINREM, nation wide strategic HF DF systems (Europe), SarigueDC-8 (France)