Thales offers a whole range of information, operational and communications tools that defence professionals must have if they are to keep up with the incredibly fast evolution of land operations.

From optronics to software defined radio, from full command and control networks to missiles and vehicles, Thales is the only European defense contractor to offer a broad palette of solutions to help armed forces gain and maintain operational superiority.

We are spending billions every year to innovate and improve existing products and develop new ones. Our expertise in command and control systems has won the respect of customers worldwide, and given us an enviable leading position in the industry.

World-renowned reputation in land systems capabilities

We have a proven track record in land systems capabilities that’s built on our expertise as an original equipment manufacturer and prime contractor. We are proud to be the world’s leading system of systems provider.

Comprehensive tools for land forces

Our C4ISR systems offering for land forces includes:

  • Optronics, communications and identification means for soldiers
  • Vehicles and tools for vehicle support in all types of missions
  • Weapons systems and munitions
  • Tools and systems to protect personnel, equipment and installations.

Sub activities

  • Command & Control C4ISR
    Thales helps armies master the vast flow of data gleaned from sensors on the ground and in the air, from electro-magnetic and communications intelligence, and from troops on the ground.
  • Soldier Communications
    Software Defined Radio technology is revolutionising the field of battlefield communications, and Thales is recognised as an industry leader in optimizing Network Centric Operations.
  • Soldier Optronics
    From mobility to surveillance, target acquisition and designation, Thales masters image intensification, infrared as well as laser technologies to provide soldiers field-proven equipment.
  • Weapon systems & munitions
    Thales is the only company in Europe capable of providing armed forces with a full range of solutions from early warning to threat neutralisation, at all level from very short-range systems to extended air defence.
  • Vehicles
    Thales offers a broad array of integrated information and communication solutions for all types of vehicle platforms, including the Bushmaster, a highly protected and mobile family of patrol vehicles.
  • Helicopter
    Helicopter solutions for all types of platform or mission, from stand-platform to multiplatform.
  • Force Protection and Border surveillance
    Preventing unlawful cross-border activities and fighting criminal organisations on land and sea borders requires effective and comprehensive surveillance and control systems. Thales’s systems give our customers these capabilities.


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  • Optronics
  • RadiocommunicationsLand
    F@stnet HD: a new VHF reference
  • Optronics
    Surveillance capability for individuals and crew during degraded visibility conditions in the operational theatre, enabling accurate detection, recognition, identification, localization and report to C2.
  • Optronics
    Gecko-M is the Thales Spain Long Distance Optronic Solution for military vehicles. This solution can be used for many applications like Route Clearance, border surveillance, etc.
  • Optronics
    The system consists of a 4x4 all-terrain vehicle modified with a control station inside and a telescopic mast with a mobile head which includes the latest in video-surveillance technology.