The ability to obtain, gather, process and distribute information effectively is key to gaining and maintaining operational superiority. Thales’s comprehensive range of C4ISR* products and solutions give air, land and naval forces, joint structures, special forces and security services information superiority spanning the entire optronic, communications, intelligence and command chains.

What we offer:
  • An overall vision of operational requirements, thanks to permanent contact with all types of customers. The BTC provides a unique forum for dialogue with customers
  • Roles ranging from equipment supplier to large systems prime contractor and service provider.  When we develop solutions, we strive to make them modular, interoperable, effective, resilient, secure and cost-effective.
  • A global industrial presence, with operations in over twenty countries, cemented by an increasing number of international partnerships and joint-ventures
(*) C4ISR: Computerised Command, Control, Communications & Intelligence


C4ISR systems

These allow the entire chain of command to assimilate and exploit all-source intelligence rapidly.

They are designed to:
  • Provide commanders with timely and relevant content
  • Share a common tactical picture
  • Support decision making
  • Disseminate commanders’ intentions
  • Synchronise operations, day and night, in all-weather conditions
  • Master operational tempo and keep initiative
  • Deny deception and camouflage, and avoid friendly fire
Commander is the Thales Computerised Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence (C4I) capability. A standardised and open architecture hosting tactical communications and operational information systems leverages our ability to provide integrated and interoperable solutions.

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