Helicopter solutions for all types of platform or mission, from stand-platform to multiplatform.


  • Exploit all-source intelligence rapidly.
  • Inform commanders with relevant, timely content.
  • Share a common tactical picture.
  • Support decision making.
  • Disseminate commanders’ intentions
  • Synchronise operations, 24/7, in all weather conditions
  • Master its own operational tempo, & keep initiative
  • Deny deception and camouflage, and avoid friendly fire
Commander is the Thales Computerised Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence (C4I) capability. It’s based on a standardised and open architecture hosting tactical communications and operational information systems. In doing so, Thales leverages its ability to deliver integrated and interoperable solutions.


To achieve considerable improvement in safety and security at all critical mission phases, from takeoff to landing and in flight, Thales has developed solutions that help pilots to see better and further, even in degraded visibility conditions. Thales has also developed efficient and reliable solutions for helicopter self-protection to counter the increasing threats from missiles and IR guided weapons. The modular design of Thales solutions means they can easily be adapted to all types of mission scenarios on all platform types.


Cooperative target identification and IFF-based air traffic control offer the best response to this challenge. The THALES IFF product line, which comprises transponders, interrogators and combined interrogator-transponders, delivers the functionality required to meet these needs, and provides new services such as Mode 5 / National Secure Mode


THALES Navigation suite consists of Multi-Mode Receivers (integrating, in a single unit, VOR, ILS, Marker, MLS, GPS, and GLS functions), Radio Altimeters (for all types of platforms) and TACAN (Tactical Air Navigation with onboard interrogators and air & ground beacons)