Thales covers the complete spectrum of tactical radio solutions ranging from HF and VHF Combat Net Radios, UHF soldier radios, and multiband radios for special forces. Shared features include voice and data services, featuring high levels of security, best of military radio technology in small volumes. Our radios are fielded in more than 40 countries in the world.


Watcher is the universal man-machine interface of Thales Communication’s tactical radios including the HF (Skyf@st), the UHF Flexnet, the VHF ( PR4G and PR4G F@stnet) and at last the Starmille.

The goal of the man-machine interface is to make it easier to use a radio while increasing its operational features of the latter. Watcher is compact, lightweight, ruggedized and enables a wireless communication (Bluetooth) up to 10 meters away. Watcher allows operators access to all functions of the radio by remote control.

It offers two kinds of access:
  • A first level for soldiers who only need to access minimum command and control functions
  • A second level gives radio operators access to all the parameters. Placed on a soldier’s arm, it allows him to operate the radio during a difficult situations without being distracted from his core mission, and enables all types of communication on the move
Thales Group - Watcher