Thales furnishes vehicle solutions, whatever the platform or type of mission to be fulfilled, from stand-platform to multiplatform.  Our products range from Recce, infantry carrier, and command post vehicles to  combat support and recovery transport.
Because military operations are now network-centric, land forces need superior information and communications capabilities to respond to new threats and to work efficiently and seamlessly with joint and allied forces. Thales delivers interoperable systems that are purpose-designed to give land forces operational superiority. We offer vehicle system integrator solutions for all types of platform and mission, from stand-alone platform to multiplatform. We provide a common vehicle electronic architecture adapted to all variants that gives operational supremacy to end-users as well as industrial and programmatic benefits.

Thales’ vehicle solutions are polyvalent, and we manufacture different families of transport equipment to support a broad variety of operations. Thales has delivered over 25,000 platform systems of 150 different types through partnerships as well as our own industrial vehicle integration facilities around the world.
As a platform vehicle supplier, we manufacture the Bushmaster, a highly protected and mobile family of patrol vehicles. We also work in close cooperation with customers, helping them with through-life support, fleet expansion, aiding with local added value and making optimum use of all their legacy and/or 3rd party equipment

In addition to offering vehicle solutions, we offer accessory products and services for  vehicles already in service. These include:
  • On-board products including optronics, C2, identification, Electronic Warfare, mortars, radars and other sensors.

  • Mission packages, such as observation, protection, weapons and C4I.

  • Core vehicle electronic architecture to offer voice, data, video distribution and energy both within vehicles and externally.

  • Designing vehicle systems architectures and integrating them.

Vehicle systems

• to exploit all-source intelligence rapidly
• to inform commanders on time with relevant content
• to share a common tactical picture
• to support decision making
• to disseminate commander’s intent
• to synchronise operations, day and night, in all-weather conditions
• to master its own operational tempo, & keep initiative
• to deny deception, camouflage, or friendly fire

Commander is the Thales Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (C4I) capability and based on a standardised and open architecture hosting tactical communications and operational information systems. In doing so, Thales leverages on its ability to deliver integrated and interoperable solutions.


All our vehicles are designed to rapidly deploy battle-ready troops in all field conditions.

Forces across the world demand highly mobile vehicles that provide high levels of troop protection, all terrain agility and exceptional capacity – we deliver.

Vehicle Communications

Thales Group - Communications for vehicles

Our solutions are based on military radios and networking equipment designed to sustain the harsh environmental conditions of armoured vehicles.

The solution range provides IP military services including secure voice, e-mail, data distribution, video and blue force tracking. Our solutions are supported by a large range of secure radios covering the full spectrum from HF to VHF and UHF transforming vehicles into powerful mobile network nodes.

Command & control

Adapted to the constraints of mobile dissemination of orders or alerts, Commander Battlegroup delivers shared situational awareness, automated status reports and fast dissemination of orders or alerts. Management of tactical networks and connexion to combat net radios provide secure, reliable voice and data exchanges.

Electronic Warfare

They also provide warning of a change in enemy posture or the presence of enemy activity, characterised by its broadcast pattern or message content. Interception and monitoring generate enemy electronic orders of battle. Electronic attack assets also contribute to force protection by waging command and control warfare against enemy communication nodes and deny manoeuvre coordination attacks by radio-guided weapons, or remotely triggered explosive devices.

Land CIEW is a range of tactical electronic support and attack solutions which can be delivered as equipment, systems and services. As a dedicated COMINT/ESM/ECM mission package it is designed to target the current and near-term radio signals environment of air land operations in peace, crisis or war: HF, VHF and UHF emissions, in fixed frequency or frequency-agile modes. As such, Land CIEW can include sensor payloads, sensor exploitation hardware and software, sensor integration on army platforms (shelters, land vehicles, UAV and light aircraft) and sensor-C2 integration on secure voice and data networks between combat net radios.

Radars for vehicles

SQUIRE is suitable for ISR for Army, artillery and border/coast guards and sea; detects and classifies moving ground targets up to 24 km; can also be deployed to safeguard valuable areas and targets such as oil fields, power stations; is man portable, FMCW low emitting power and is in-service in the Netherlands and with Armies and Security Forces with than 120 under contract /in service.
BOR-A is suitable for ISR for Army, artillery, border/coast guard and security applications; combines surveillance of ground, sea and lower level airspace in one radar system; detects, locates, and automatically classifies, day and night and in all weather conditions, moving targets; immediately assesses the situation by displaying the detection directly on a digital map; is in-service in Germany and with more than 10 customers (Armies, Navies, and Security Forces) in all continents (more than 150 under contract/in service.

Vehicle radars


Thermal Imagers

  • Catherine Family Cooled Thermal Imagers for Armored Fighting Vehicle
Thales Group - Catherine MP
Detect, Recognise, Identify, Aim, Assess. Here are the key actions that could be led by Thales CATHERINE Thermal Imagers Family. Based on battlefield proven technology, CATHERINE Family allows Gunner's, Commander's and Land Recce to see at long range by night, also by day, in adverse conditions and through barriers vegetation, camouflage nettings.

  • Tim Family : Tactical Range Thermal Imagers for Armored Fighting Vehicle
Thales Group - TIM-LR
Thales TIM products revolutionize RWS thermal imaging by providing the most versatile and powerful Single or Multi Field of View imager on today’s market, in a compact and lightweight package. TIM-TR and TIM-LR are passive Thermal Imagers (TI), operating in the 8-12 μm wavelength region of the IR spectrum, utilizing a state-of-the-art Uncooled Focal Plane detectors.

  • Kate Family Sensor Pack
Thales Group - KATE-LR
Kate is a Family of « all in one » fully integrated Sensor Pack for easy integration and maintenance. They included a Thermal Imager, a TV sensor, an eye-safe Laser range finder, and options such as Laser pointers. Designed for military wheeled or tracked vehicles, they allow full day/night target detection, identification and improved firing capabilities.
  • Suzie Family Thermal Imagers for Homeland Security
Thales Group - suzie
The Suzie Family has been designed to offer long range capability associated with optical zoom for 24/7 homeland security applications.




Sighting Systems

  • Day/Night Gunnery Sights
Thales Group - DNGS T3
With latest high performance features, Thales DNGS Family is dedicated to long range surveillance, recognition and identification with advanced capabilities such as fire on the move.

  • Panoramic Sights
Thales Group - Orion
Stabilized Independent Panoramic Sighting System.

  • DVE/SAS Family Uncooled Thermal Imagers for Armored Fighting Vehicle
Thales Group - ROCVE
Thales’ DVE Systems are internationally recognized for providing drivers of tactical and combat vehicles with unparalleled sensitivity and image quality to continue operations at night and during severely degraded battlefield conditions.  The present DVE and SAS product line configuration is designed to harness optimum sensitivities from each detector over a wide temperature usage range, while providing users with image quality that is unsurpassed by industry.

  • Local Situation Awareness
Thales Group - Antares
Tactical Range Thermal Imagers  such as ANTARES and MINERVA enhance the vehicle crew’s ability to better negotiate any possible threats.

Thales Group - Margot 3000 VM
Thales has associated its Long Range Thermal Imager know-how to sophisticated software to provide reliable system. High performance sensors, stabilised Pan Tilt, compactness system and possible interface with C2/C4 system are the key elements of Thales equipment.

  • Laser Warning Devices
Thales Group - LWD
Rugged Laser Rangefinders for use on Air, Land and Sea platforms.


Defence Lasers

Laser Range Finder
Thales has a proven capability in the design and manufacture of laser rangefinder and designator products for a diverse range of operation requirements.

Embracing the latest in innovative technologies, Thales laser rangefinder products include the ultra-compact, microMELT laser rangefinder transceiver, which is suitable for applications where size, weight and power are critical, such as in airborne applications, through to the VELT family of lasers for use in new-build or retrofit Armoured Vehicle Sighting systems.
Laser Target Designator
Being a Ground support to Air Forces could be one of Soldier's missions. Thales offers capabilitities to designate target to laser guided weapons through man portable equipment.

Vehicle Integrated Systems

Integrated survivability Systems, mission Systems Integration, mobile Base Protection


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  • Optronics
  • RadiocommunicationsLand
    F@stnet HD: a new VHF reference
  • Optronics
    Surveillance capability for individuals and crew during degraded visibility conditions in the operational theatre, enabling accurate detection, recognition, identification, localization and report to C2.
  • Optronics
    Gecko-M is the Thales Spain Long Distance Optronic Solution for military vehicles. This solution can be used for many applications like Route Clearance, border surveillance, etc.
  • Optronics
    The system consists of a 4x4 all-terrain vehicle modified with a control station inside and a telescopic mast with a mobile head which includes the latest in video-surveillance technology.