Your battlefield-proven partner

Enable mission security and information supremacy through protected satcom-enabled real-time communications across your complete theatre of operations.
In a fast changing world with daily emerging new threats, people around the globe rely on you to protect their security. To fulfil your critical missions in the field, where theatres of operations might spread across important distances, you rely on satcom technology and solutions. Protected real-time connectivity anytime and under any circumstances with all involved troops, whether they are on land, on sea or airborne, is essential for the security and success of your mission. Reliability under all, even the most unexpected circumstances, is crucial for you.
At Thales, we understand your unique requirements
Our teams of system architects, cyber security experts and former military professionals work relentlessly to provide you with solutions that truly stand the stress-test of your missions. As a managed service operator supporting troops in the field, our teams know and understand your requirements first hand. That’s why, with our SAT solution, we offer you a complete, battlefield-proven end-to-end satcom solution uniquely tailored to your evolving missions.
Thales Milsatcom solutions
Powered by our unparalleled System 21, our solution provides secure and resilient satellite communications across the complete theatre of operations.
In your line of activity, experience matters
Experts in large system integrations and 40+ years of experience in designing, integrating, building and operating defence IT and communication systems, we tailor solutions that deliver guaranteed results.
Why should that matter to you?
•It makes sure your communications reach every member of your armed forces across the complete theatre of operations: interoperable land, air and naval solutions for any type of intervention.
•You enable mission security by maintaining communication with all deployed forces, leaving no chance to jamming, interferences, network interruptions or cyber-attacks thanks to our leading-edge technology and unique features.
•You can rely on our battlefield-proven and trusted technology, tailored to support you in challenging environments.
Our mission is to support you - whatever it takes