Thales above-water combat systems and radars meet a wide range of needs for surface and anti-air warfare. These systems solutions perform surveillance, command and combat functions and support weapon systems from both US and European manufacturers.

Combat management systems

Tacticos is famous for its reliability and its ability to integrate virtually every sensor and effector. Its massive installed base and the unparalleled track record of integration have ensured a continuous evolution. Its solid legacy has made it the world’s most successful combat management system in service with navies on all continents.
Commander C3 is Thales’ Marine Command, Control, and Communications System for non-Combatant applications. It provides seamless near real-time sharing of the Common Operating Picture (contact data, messages, and geo-referenced map overlays) between vessels, helicopters, and shore installations. Commander C3 also provides gateway interfaces to achieve interoperability with major naval data link standards. The system is ideal for both civilian and military users who require an effective, affordable solution to address the technical and interoperability challenges associated with co-operation and co-ordination of various maritime agencies.

Compact Sensor & Control System (CSCS) The Compact Sensor & Control System services the small ship market providing command and control, even Automatic Identification. It can be integrated with fire control systems in order to achieve full combat system capabilities. It is based on open-standards and architecture and capitalizes on the use of COTS technology.

Mission Solutions

Thales offers a complete range of domain oriented solutions for safety, littoral security, ocean security, point defence, local and wide area defence. The Mission Solutions for ships that operate in the maritime safety and security domain and/or in the defence domain with low intensity conflicts are standardized and pre-integrated. This makes them cost-effective, easy to install, easy to operate and considerably reduces delivery times.
Mission Solutions are standard configurations of the Tacticos Combat Management System, integrated sensors, effectors, communication system and navigation system. The range includes:
  • MS-100: aimed at vessel traffic patrol, fishery inspection, illegal immigration detection and search and rescue
  • MS-150: provides capabilities for littoral and ocean operations up to Maritime Interdiction Operations.
  • MS-300: designed to provide defence and security capabilities for today’s multi-role navies, on a platform with a gun-based  defence capability

New Generation: 4D radars

Many navies face a new operational paradigm that requires the detection of a wide variety of objects in a complex above-water environment. This situation presents a difficult problem for the operational practitioner and the radar designer alike. While high-speed manoeuvring targets demand the earliest detection. Resulting in a short observation time, slow air and surface targets masked in heavy clutter require a longer observation time.
Presenting a solution to this dilemma, Thales has developed the next generation radar systems, purpose-designed to meet 21st century mission needs: dual-axis multi-beam radar. This innovative technology is founded on the flexibility, resolution and accuracy afforded by fully digitised active electronically scanned array (AESA) techniques.
4D means accurate and instantaneous indication of azimuth, range, elevation and radial velocity. Accurate measurement of velocity enables the prioritisation of high-speed threats such as anti-ship missiles. Just as important, Doppler measurement provides for the discrimination of low speed/low RCS objects in dense clutter. Furthermore, digital dual-axis multi-beam AESA confers an inherent capability for agile look forward/look back beam steering, enabling rapid track initiation and higher track update rates.
Thales’s range of 4D dual-axis multi-beam AESA radars includes NS100, NS200, SM400 and Europe's first fully digital L-band radar SMART-L MM.
More innovative radar systems are being developed; the introduction of a new family member is not far away.

Integrated Sensors: I-Mast

Thales has developed the I‑Mast family of integrated modular masts. An Integrated Mast houses several radar systems, communication antennas, optronic sensors, IFF antenna, satellite dish, etc. in one single structure.
The Royal Netherlands Navy has selected the Integrated Mast IM 400 for its four Holland class offshore patrol ships and the Joint Support Ship HNLMS Karel Doorman.
The advantages of an Integrated Mast include reduced ship-building times, increased performance, easier maintenance and lower lifecycle costs. The size and configuration of an Integrated Mast can be customized depending on platform and mission requirements.

Multi-function sensors

Thales is the leading supplier of multi-function radar systems.
APAR is the world’s first AESA type radar; its performance has been proven in many live firings trials APAR is operational on the Anti Air Warfare vessels of the Danish, German and Netherlands navies. The system guides an ESSM of SM2 missile to a threat through Interrupted Continuous Wave Illumination.

Herakles, designed to be the only radar system on board of a ship, has been installed on the Acquitaine and Formidable class frigates of the French and Singaporean Navies and on RMN Mohammed VI of the Moroccan Navy. Herakles enables Aster missiles to eliminate any incoming threat.

Surveillance systems

Thales’s range of naval surveillance solutions is enormous: from our Gatekeeper passive EO system and the Scout Mk3 with its FMCW technology through the successful Variant and SMART-S radars to the new-generation NS100, NS200SM400 and SMART-L EWC, Thales caters for every need.


Infra Red Search & Track

Thales Group - Optronics Artemis
ARTEMIS is the most advanced cooled Infra-Red Search and Track (IRST) operational in the world. This new generation equipment can be integrated on any type of combat ships.
Already operational on board of 6 frigates, ARTEMIS will be installed on board of the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle in 2017.

Weapon control

In addition to the excellent fire control capabilities of the APAR and Herakles systems, Thales presents various dedicated fire control sensors. The latest member in the large STIR family is STIR1.2 EO Mk2. Combining radar technology with optronics, this sensor is operational in many modern navies. Mirador is a full 100% optronic fire control sensor.  It offers impressive performance  as well as the usual advantages a passive sensor has over a conventional radar. One of our latest developments is the Pharos Multi Target Tracking Radar, capable of Guided Ammunition control.

Ballistic Missile Defence

Thales is developing the SMART-L EWC (Early Warning Capability), an upgrade of the renowned SMART-L Volume Search Radar. The new version increases the radar’s range up to an impressive 2000 km. With the same high resolution as the original version, SMART-L EWC provides the user with true ballistic missile defence capabilities.
SMART-L EWC is under contract for the four De Zeven Provinciën class ships of the Royal Netherlands Navy. The first system is scheduled to be installed in 2018. Two ground-based versions of this powerful radar are contracted by the Royal Netherlands Air Force for the protection of the Dutch air space.
In October 2015 HNLMS De Zeven Provincien, equipped with a prototype of the new SMART-L EWC, participated in the At Sea Demo organized by the Maritime Tactical Ballistic Defence Forum, off the coast of Scotland. The Thales radar successfully tracked an outer-atmosphere ballistic missile travelling at 7000 km/h and provided real-time cueing information to a US destroyer that launched a SM-3 to destroy the threat. Simultaneously, SMART-L EWC engaged and tracked two anti-ship cruise missiles that attacked two ships in the squadron.

Electronic Warfare Systems

Thales EWS customers use its multispectral electronic warfare solutions to detect the enemy well before the enemy can detect them, to optimise tactical situation analysis and to gather critical intelligence. As for its entire range of solutions, Thales EWS leverages systems developed for the latest-generation platforms (in the case of EWS Type 45, Horizon, FREMM, etc.), with the capacity for upgrading solutions for warships already in service.

Thales on-board EWS solutions can be used as stand-alone systems with their own operator interfaces, or they can be integrated into a wide variety of combat management systems. They can also be interfaced to multi-function consoles. Features include modularity, extended frequency ranges, channelized receivers, on-board training systems and intrapulse analysis – available on any system and compatible with widely used commercial, off-the-shelf technologies. This means simply that Thales EWS solutions are effective from day one with any legacy systems and have the capacity of evolving with the needs of each vessel.

Key EWS products include Radar Electronic Support Measures (R-ESM, e.g. Vigile), Radar Electronic Countermeasures (R-ECM, e.g. Scorpion 2), active and passive decoy systems, and complete EWS suites1.

Thales EWS solutions achieve their effectiveness and high performance because they are reinforced by the Electronic Warfare Operational Support, which handles the reference classification on the ground, keeps it updated on a permanent basis and distributes the data to on-board platforms, guaranteeing higher quality intercept classification and leading to the most appropriate counteraction against threats.