Thales supports the transformation of naval forces by delivering systems and solutions that ensure that all players exchange the required information to act decisively. With its C4ISR solutions, Thales offers the naval forces interoperability with land forces, air forces, allied and NATO.

The ability to obtain, gather, process and distribute information effectively is key to gaining and maintaining operational superiority. With its comprehensive range of C4ISR* products and solutions, Thales provides air, land and naval forces, joint structures, special forces and security services with the capabilities they need to achieve information superiority spanning the entire optronic, communications, intelligence and command chains.
Our references demonstrate:
  • Overall vision of operational requirements, through permanent contact with all types of customers.
  • Capabilities ranging from equipment supplier to large systems prime contractor and service provider. Key objectives when developing solutions are their modularity, interoperability, performances, resilience, security and competitiveness.
  • Industrial presence in-country, with operations in over twenty countries, more and more international partnerships, including joint-ventures.
(*) C4ISR: Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance.

C4ISR systems

In doing so, Thales leverages on its ability to deliver integrated and interoperable solutions. Going together with the battle space digitisation, forces must be able to share a situational awareness from soldier to commander in order:
• to exploit all-source intelligence rapidly
• to inform commanders on time with relevant content
• to share a common tactical picture
• to support decision making
• to disseminate commander’s intent
• to synchronise operations, day and night, in all-weather conditions
• to master its own operational tempo, & keep initiative
• to deny deception, camouflage, or friendly fire

Command and Control

SIC 21 naval C2IS features:

  • Operational command & control in joint and international coalitions
  • Navy platforms and land-based deployments
  • Worldwide networked users with other CCIS interoperability


These rugged and reliable systems provide assured capability in the demanding environment of ship borne military operations.


All ISTAR missions benefit from the advantages offered by optronics systems:

  • Self-Protection: To protect ships from all surface and airborne threats
  • Surveillance & Fire Control: To permanently assess tactical situation in all environments therefore ensuring accuracy of weapons engagements
  • Search & Attack: To identify targets & threats in the surrounding sea and air.