The future of radio starts now...with SYNAPS

Introducing Thales’ next generation of Broadband Software-Defined Radio family, accelerating collaborative combat. When a soldier on the battlefield needs to communicate precise information in a highly secured environment because he is surrounded by the enemy, it is a decisive moment.
The digital revolution is impacting our armed forces and this transformation is opening up incredible opportunities for our customers: much more efficient cooperative engagements and collaborative combat capabilities.
Next-generation combat systems will be collaborative. In the field of radio communications, Thales makes it possible with SYNAPS, the first military radio to enable real-time collaborative combat.
The solution we offer, SYNAPS, is at the heart of the collaborative combat.
In June 2016, during Eurosatory we launched a new radio to support digital transformation of our customers: We call it SYNAPS as it acts as the central nervous system of military deployments.  
Last year we announced field tests in 2017 and here we are! In November 2017, we are on time and proud as we have just realized our first live demos with our customers and with the press. First worldwide demonstration of SYNAPS
SYNAPS networks land, air and naval platforms and breaks operational silos. SYNAPS is fully scalable and can cover deployments from few 10s of users up to a 1000 users. SYNAPS combines simultaneously range, throughput and security.


Thales is a world leader for tactical radios and on board communication solutions for land, air and naval forces.


Land Forces
Types of aircraft

Radio communication products

  • Land communications
    Thales provides Land Forces with high grade communication solutions for missions in any type of environment and deployment.
  • Naval
    Supplier of more than 40 navies, Thales is a world leader in the field of naval communications.
  • Air
    Thales is one of the world's leading suppliers of Communication, Navigation and Identification integrated solutions for all military platforms and Airborne COMINT solution.
  • SATCOM Terminals
Thales is World number 2 and European leader for tactical radios and onboard communication solutions for land, air and naval forces.

Driving the future

Thales is a global leader in software-designed radio systems, with the most advanced portfolio of radios and waveforms for all market segments.
Our PR4G and MBITR radios are international bestsellers, in service in 50 countries. Today, the PR4G waveforms are the only waveforms to support simultaneous real-time voice and data transmission. The MBITR 2 is the first and only handheld two-channel software-defined radio available in the marketplace.
Thales is involved in the main national software-designed radio programmes in the United States, Germany and Asia as well as in France with the CONTACT programme.
CONTACT programme: secure tactical internet to support network-centric operations and cooperative engagements
  • Thales is system architect and integrator for France's CONTACT software-designed radio network. This programme covers the full range of radio networking capabilities, from dismounted infantry and mobile command posts to battalion level. Compliant with NATO standards, the CONTACT system will improve performance by a factor of 100 compared with current-generation equipment and will offer a joint forces radio communication capability for land, air and naval operations.
  • The engineering effort currently involves more than 1,000 engineers at Thales and its programme partners and subcontractors. This endeavour, the only one of its kind in Europe, will culminate in 2018 with the market launch of the first comprehensive software-designed radio network, a core component of the defence systems of the future.
  • CONTACT is the only program of such magnitude in Europe.
  • At the same time, Thales and its European ESSOR partners are pursuing the development of the ESSOR standard and the associated interoperable waveform. In October 2013, the first interoperability trials with equipment from different nations were successfully completed.
CONTACT networks land, air and naval platforms and breaks operational silos. CONTACT is fully scalable and can cover deployments from few 10s of users up to a 1000 users. CONTACT combines simultaneously range, throughput and security.
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Thales, international champion, partner of national development programmes
  • Thales software-designed radios will support the PR4G F@stnet waveforms, deployed around the world, and other existing waveforms, to ensure a smooth transition to software-defined radio. They will enable a wide range of configurations to meet the various operational requirements: vehicles, soldiers, aircraft, naval vessels and ground stations.
  • Many countries will find answers to their questions about high-data-rate network solutions and interoperability requirements within the major NATO member states.
  • Responding to the growing demands of national sovereignty, Thales is making available the tools needed to develop and engineer SDR waveforms, enabling customers around the world to support their own national waveforms.