At the forefront of UAS

Thales is a leader in the fast growing market of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). We have over 40 years of experience in Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance innovation on which we have build our UAS systems and services. We have delivered Europe’s largest UAV programme, Watchkeeper, are leading the development of future UAS capabilities around the world and have 100,000 hours of operational flying experience. 

UAS are playing an ever more important role in defence planning. They provide situation awareness to commanders to enable better decision making and timely reaction. These autonomous systems removes the man from the battlefield by putting the “pilot” on the ground. They provide critical support to forces on the ground to inform and protect.

UAS provide long-term persistent airborne surveillance, ideally suited to both military and civil applications. Thales UAS are supporting international regulatory initiatives to pave the way for integration into civil airspace, for which their potential applications are endless.

Thales can offer complete UAS solutions to your Unmanned ISR requirements and individual products to build your UAS capability.

Key figures

Thales UAS turnover
during the last 10 years
Tactical UAS
European company
UAS Services
flight hours with a 95% availability


  • UCAV
    Thales’s technologies are onboard the nEUROn, Europe’s unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV) stealth technology demonstrator. Thales is also strongly involved in FCAS (Future Combat Air System), the bilateral UK-French cooperation on UCAS
  • Male
    Ideal for the surveillance of theatres of operation and for zone reconnaissance
  • Tactical UAV
    Thales is a global leader in the field of Tactical UAS and has a strong pedigree in current Tactical UAS systems and technologies
  • Mini UAV - Land
    Spy’Ranger is a latest-generation mini-UAS with the only EO/IR imaging system in the world capable of transmitting high-definition electro-optical and infrared imagery in real time.
  • Mini UAV - Sea
    Fulmar is classified in the mini-UAV segment. Its size is 3.1 meters and weighs 19 kilos, it flies to the altitude of 3,000 meters and can achieve a speed of 150 kilometres per hour.
  • Mini UAV for Security