Fulmar - Naval mini-UAV solution with high tactical capabilities

The FULMAR system has a reduced lifecycle cost and high-performance features and can be easily deployed and integrated into C4 ISTAR systems.
Its operational and maintenance simplicity make it the most effective naval mini-UAV solution with high tactical capabilities.

Key figures

1,2 m
3 m
0,5 m
Cruising speed
100 km/h
Maximum take-off weight
20 kg
Payload up to
8 kg
6 - 12 h
Operating range
800 km
Range for real-time video
Ready for operation
20 mins
Operational capability in winds up to
The Fulmar UAS is a highly versatile system, with capabilities for a variety of missions such as mountain search and rescue, illegal traffic monitoring, support to ground forces, intelligence missions, etc.

The FULMAR is vital in increasing the armed forces’ ISR capability through the use of advanced sensors that can be used both remotely and close to the area of interest. Moreover, Fulmar’s high reliability and ease of use provide added value in joint operations.
Such features are a key differentiator in operational theatre decision making.

There are many advantages in the use of UAS systems as compared to a manned vehicle: a UAS does not require a pilot on board and so can enter environments dangerous to humans, stay in the air for many hours and be programmed to perform a mission completely autonomously.

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