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X-Ray Flat Panel Detectors

  • Pixium RF 4343 – Pixium RF 4343FL
    Pixium RF 4343 and Pixium RF 4343 FL is a large format digital detector, with wide field-of-view for low dose, easy to integrate multipurpose real-time digital imaging.

Radiological X-Ray Tubes

  • Image Intensifiers
    Tubes by size 6 ‘’ – 9’’ – 12’’ – 16’’ are X-ray Image Intensifiers are high resolution for digital fluoroscopy offering high contrast, high resolution and excellent DQE and offer high level of image quality.
  • Cameras
    CCD cameras for digital fluoroscopy and digital radiography for use with X-ray image intensifiers and RF tables and C-arms offering high quality image for real-time processing and high resolution and low dose fluoroscopy
  • Radiological Imaging Units
    Radiological imaging units offering high-performance image intensifier and high-resolution CCD camera optimised for remote control use including digital radiography, angiography (including DSA), hi-resolution cardiology and low dose fluoroscopy assuring h

Imaging solution

  • Duet DRF
    Duet DRF for digital fluoroscopy integrating digital pixium detectors for customer requirementsfor X-Ray generators, tables, DAP and buckies, guaranteeing high quality images and low dose for cost efficient solution optimised for efficient workflow and hi


  • Services
    Help and guidance is available to you from the moment of product acquisition. This ranges from installation and best use guidance to formal training sessions. A range of contact options are available so that your query is directed to a team near you.