Thales's QX series of X-ray Image Intensifiers (XRII) offers high contrast, resolution and conversion factor, without compromising the excellent DQE. When coupled with a high-performance 1k2 CCD camera, the XRIIs offer a remarkably high level of image quality.

Different housing, mechanical interfaces, painting and magnetic field correction modules (ADCS) are available on demand.
The power supplies are microprocessor-controlled, comply with EMC standards, offer optimum voltage stability and total reliability. They also feature blanking capability on demand.
All Thales Image Intensifiers are RoHS compliant.

6-inch TH 9464 QX

TH 9464 QX is a 6-inch, dual field X-ray image intensifier (XRII) with 20 mm output window.
  • Very high resolution
  • High contrast
  • Compact design
Thales Group - TH9464 QX

9-inch TH 9438 QX

TH 9438 QX is a 9-inch, triple field X-Ray Image Intensifier (XRII) with 25 mm output window.
  • High image quality
  • Low noise in digital mode
  • Improved blemish characteristics
Thales Group - TH 9438

12-inch TH 9432 QX/TH 9436 QX

TH 9432 QX is a triple field, 12-inch X-ray image intensifier (XRII).

  • Advanced input screen for: high DQE and lower X-ray exposure
  • High image quality with pulse operating capability and wide dynamic operating range
  • Compact output phosphor screen for: unrivaled resolution and low structural noise
TH 9436 QX is a quadruple field, 12-inch X-ray Image Intensifiers (XRII).

  • Advanced input screen for high DQE and lower X-ray exposure
  • Compact output phosphor screen for high conversion factor and high resolution
  • Enhanced diagnostics capability
Thales Group - TH9432
Thales Group - TH9436

16-inch TH 9447 QX

TH 9447 QX is a 16-inch, quadruple field X-ray image intensifier (XRII) with a 35mm output window.
  • Ultra-high contrast needed for high-end digital radiology applications
  • High image quality
  • Advanced input screen for high DQE, high resolution and lower X-ray exposure     
  • Ultra compact output phosphor screen for high resolution, low structural noise, high conversion factor
Thales Group - TH 9447