TH 8770 CCD Camera

TH 8770 is a new-generation CCD GigE Vision camera, designed for a  perfect match with X-Ray Image Intensifiers. Integrated in either R/F tables or mobile C-arms, it is optimised for both digital fluoroscopy and radiography.

  • Cost effective: Design based on one single electronic board, image display and processing by WS computer
  • High Resolution: 1k² camera
  • GigE Vision Standard Interface: Camera interface standard based on Gigabit Ethernet communication protocol
  • Compatible with Thales XRII: Perfect match between this camera and the following XRII sizes: 6", 9" and 12"
Thales Group - Camera TH 8770

TH 8740 CCD Camera

TH 8740 enables 1000 x1000 pixel resolution, progressive scanning and interline CCD technology.
  • It is a compact unit, perfectly suited for integration in Radiological Imaging Units
  • Camera noise is significantly lower than X-ray noise in all radiological modes (up to 30 frames per second)
  • Dynamic range is well suited to fluoroscopy (dose from 10 nGy to 1 µGy per image) and digital radiography
  • Processing and control unit which allows high-definition image processing for real-time fluoroscopy
Thales Group - Camera TH 8740

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