Presto DR is a cutting edge Digital Radiography system built for all radiography  requirements.

Offering a choice amongst Thales’s market leading Pixium detectors and system configurations, it is a flexible system adapted to individual customer requirements.

Having multiple configurations including: X-ray generators, tables, DAP and buckies it can be used wherever it is required, providing the perfect alternative to film screen and computed radiography.
Thales Group - Presto DR

Features and Benefits

This efficient solution has a general design to fit a wide spectrum of clinical exams which makes the system extremely portable and adaptable to all shift requirements. Furthermore, the detectors contain low Wi-Fi emitters to not disrupt the surrounding medical equipment.

Data acquisition is rapid with integrated clinical workflow operation and touchscreen technology. The system is guaranteed to integrate seamlessly with your PACs system thanks to DICOM connectivity. Patient data entry can be entered manually or automatically from the DICOM worklist.

Outstanding image quality and performance is ensured with rapid image preview - 5 to 6 seconds. Settings to adapt image processing algorithm to tailor to specific clinical requirements are integrated.

Propriety advanced processing for active noise reporting and dose reporting, AEC management and DAP interfaces all ensure dose monitoring and reduction.

An integrated stitching package for orthopaedics.

Integrated console for system operation and generator control optimises workflow and productivity which is both cost saving and space saving with no need for separate consoles.

There are various configuration packages available, as well as a wide range of APRs, diagnosis and measurement tools. Logos, languages and themes are also customisable.
Thales Group - Presto DR Features and Benefits

Components and Configurations

Presto DR contains numerous combinations of configurations to ensure ultimate efficiency for individual clinic needs.

1. First of all select which of our market leading detectors suits your needs best
Thales Group - Single detector configuration
Thales Group - Two detectors of same type
Thales Group - Mixed configuration

2. Choose between Optimum Package and Compact Package

Optimum package
  • Simple integration
  • A fully integrated plug and play system
  • CE marked and FDA cleared
Compact Package
  • Cost efficient solution
  • Software only

Also included in the Presto DR Imaging Solutions Package:
  • Bucky Assembly: Hermetically sealed for humidity protection, ergonomic design with chin rest, Automatic Exposure Control (AEC) with 3 ionisation chambers
  • X-ray Room Interface: Interfaces with X-ray generator creates discrete signals, receives equipment analogue signal and bucky status signal, interconnected to PC with fiberoptic cables
Thales Group - Presto product

Customer Reviews

Among the main advantages of the system, I would say the first is ease-of-use; it's important. Certainly this helps to work more quickly and to save time on each examination.
In many cases, particularly spine examinations, I noticed that a sharper image could be obtained by reducing the dose.
The system has helped us to save time and to increase the number of patients attended.
The images are excellent and there is a range of functions for easily processing them.
The interface is comfortable and easy to use. When using the touchscreen or mouse, I got used to it very quickly.


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