Documentation and training

All of our products come with a comprehensive set of documentation, providing you with a complete toolkit toguarantee:
  • Seemless Installation,
  • Instantaneous Operation,
  • Optimum Performance.

Tailored training sessions are at your disposal for:
  • Implementation of our products,
  • Best use of our products,
  • General medical imaging know-how.
Thales Group - Documentation_and_training

Warranty and repair strategy

All of our products come with a warranty period covering numerous service provisions:
  • A fast replacement service is guaranteed in order to decrease room downtime,
  • A repair strategy and price policy is available for all our products out of warranty,
  • For the Pixium Portable EZ family, a dedicated warranty program is available in order to answer all your needs.

Contact us

Technical Query:
Whenever you have a technical issue a dedicated team is ready to answer your questions by e-mail or phone.

Product  and Service Evaluation:
We always want to hear from you to continuously improve our products and give you entire satisfaction.

We are contactable in a variety of different ways:
  • Your sales or technical contact,
  • Claim reports,
  • Customer surveys.