High-frequency tubes are used in a number of industrial processes, including drying, plastic welding, wood bonding, heat treatment and tube welding.

Thales Group - Industry_tubes

We offer a broad range of electron tubes to meet the needs of these different markets, with performance and reliability that have a direct influence on industrial yield.

Thales has partnerships with most producers of industrial heating and laser cutting machines.

We are considered the benchmark for the supply of grid tubes.

Thales is also the sole manufacturer of Thomson, ABB and Siemens grid tubes in their original design.

When Thales acquired these businesses, we maintained their tubes in our catalogue, reflecting our commitment to the long-term viability of tube technology, and to delivering high-tech products based on our expertise in complex processes.

We offer the widest range on the market to meet the requirements of OEMs. This is enhanced by a complete range of customer support and technical assistance services, which notably includes our Customer Technical Support (CTS) unit and Richardson Electronics.