X-ray imaging is widely used in industry, with X-ray detectors a key component in quality inspection systems on high volume production lines.

Building on our long experience in medical radiology, Thales offers a broad choice of proven solutions to the agrifoods, metallurgy and electronics industries.

As the world’s largest OEM supplier of X-ray imaging components, Thales brings technology, experience and innovation to the industrial sector, with a selection of X-ray detectors.
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X-ray Detection

Thales offers OEMs a complete range of solutions, based either on digital flat panels or on X-ray image intensifiers. FlashScan flat panels are easy to integrate into both stationary and mobile systems. They provide real-time imaging for the inspection of metallic parts and artwork screening, as well as outdoor inspection of pipelines, etc.
Radiological Imaging Units are designed for on and off-line quality inspection in many types of industry. Thales’s products are known for their high performance with regards to excellent image quality and long lifetime.

Thales is continuously evolving with the current and future needs of its customers.
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