Thales is helping cities to step up to the challenge of growing urbanisation by delivering city wide solutions that offer better and more integrated transport, safety, and security infrastructure that increases efficiency and improves quality of life.
Big cities generate increasingly complex issues in the fields of traffic and data management. Simultaneously, these data offer unique opportunities to improve sustainability and make the city smarter. With its Smart City solutions, Thales intends to bring urban authorities the technological means to such ends.

Smart city: data mining for a sustainable city

Big cities produce huge amounts of information. Thanks to its expertise in data mining technologies, Thales is able to offer comprehensive and scalable solutions to big cities wishing to improve urban functions’ efficiency.
Transportation, security forces, public services ... all these institutions keep a different database, fed by various and heterogeneous channels. Thales’s solutions allow cities to collect, process and merge these data flows while taking into consideration every structure’s constraints, in order to make the city’s different services collectively more efficient.

Data – but what for?

Through controlling sensor networks and cross-analysis of collected data, Thales provides solutions with high added value to large cities:
- Urban services that are both cheaper – through the pooling of resources - and more efficient: reliable and fast information increases responsiveness of the various agencies involved, and thus their ability to anticipate and forecast;
- Actors with better interconnections, more relevant indicators, predictive models, fostering better governance;
- Safer cities, with a smoother traffic – meaning more attractive.

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Product line manager - Pascal Zenoni