Expert advice focused on your security 

At Thales, our trusted and qualified consultants are available 24/7 to provide your business with the support it needs. We install and help maintain your equipment, working with real-life scenarios to train your personnel to effectively fight against even the most sophisticated cyberattacks. 



While meeting national and international security regulations, we advise our clients on how to design and protect their Information Systems.

  • Functional audit: identify the risks, assess your organisational and technical weaknesses, and verify your Information System's regulatory compliance
  • Penetration testing: test the strength of your IT infrastructure to measure its compliance with your security policy using our experts and CYBELS Scan software
  • IT Architecture: assess and redraws the overall architecture of your Information Systems to improve its resilience
  • Cyberthreats prevention: benefit from a permanent security intelligence with CERT-IST (Computer Emergency Response Team- Industry, Services and Tertiary sector)
  • Crisis management: define response scenarios to create a credible, enterprise-wide action plan while minimising operational, financial and reputational impact 
  • Rapid reaction team deployment: send our cybersecurity experts onsite to respond immediately to a Information System incident 

Whether caused by natural or human forces, at Thales we fully examine all of your hardware and software to ensure tamper-proof capabilities, information confidentiality and data integrity. We evaluate your security and safety preparedness in case of an attack.

Contact us to find out how our teams can help you to prepare your systems against any type of attack. 

Critical Information Systems and Cybersecurity
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