Our flexible Information Systems environment meets your business needs

Thales HySIO (Hybrid Secure IT Outsourcing) works alongside your business to help you choose the right applications and service solutions to secure your outsourcing needs. Our global experience and progressive innovation at Thales endeavours to ensure your business security without compromising performance. 

Multiple environments, one outsourcing partner

With HySIO, our specialised team determine which hosting and service solutions are best for each of your applications. Optimised for the Cloud or dedicated infrastructures, we use the most advanced computing technologies to manage your global information system. Working with your administration, monitoring and security as a whole, our mission is to ensure the optimal integration of your information systems guarantee performance, regardless of underlying environments. Thales HySIO outsources your IT provides you with:

  • Unrivalled quality of services for users
  • Optimised flexibility of your IS
  • Levels of performance and security adjusted to your needs
  • On-demand or pay-as-you-go model based on our catalogue of services
  • Reduced costs thanks to mutualised resources and industrialised processes

Thales 24/7 integrated service centres operation and security 

With experience in working with global partners, Thales HySIO will provide your business environment with:

  • Application hosting in 5 secure data centres up to a Tier 4 level, according to the Uptime Institute’s classification
  • 6 integrated service centres which are certified ISO 20000 and compliant with the standards recommended by the ISO 2700x principles
  • Proven experience in critical information systems management for more than 100 clients
  • Public and/or private Cloud services integration capabilities with our secure infrastructure and partners
  • 4 secure operation centres (SOC): 2 in France 24/7, 1 in the Netherlands and 1 the United Kingdom

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Critical Information Systems and Cybersecurity
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