Highly sensitive data meets new challenges

As an innovative key player in global military security, Thales ensures the highest security standards are met in providing complex protection for classified military information. Utilising the latest secure infrastructure to guard communications, Thales's trusted and reliable reputation provides cost-effective solutions from intrusion tests to deployment and run.  

Protect and control your classified information

Drawing on our rich expertise in cryptography and military networks, we offer the following range of highly secure products and solutions:
  • TEOREM: Secure communications equipment to ensure confidential voice and SMS communications
  • XOmail: Enable secure email messaging using automatic gateways and plug-in components
  • THEMIS: Access multiple security levels and domains from a single computer terminal
  • ELIPS-SD: Connect critical information system networks with different security levels
  • CYBELS: Prevent, monitor, detect, analyse and react to internet attacks from our Security Operations Centre, operational 24/7, or at our customers’ premises
Our Echinops and TCE 621 solutions enable you to protect your IP networks using a high-security virtual private network, and to add end-to-end security services to your IP protocol to ensure data integrity, origin authentication and access control.
  • ECHINOPS is certified for French Defence, EU and NATO Secret levels
  • TCE 621 is certified up to NATO Cosmic Top Secret

Join forces with our team of security specialists

Our 1,500 cybersecurity engineers have proven expertise in ensuring all levels of confidentiality. Our solutions meet French Defence Department, EU and NATO Secret certifications. By choosing Thales, you partner with a company with proven industry confidence. We are ranked the following:
  • #1 worldwide in advanced air defence
  • #1 worldwide in air C4I systems
  • #1 in Europe in defence electronics


Critical Information Systems and Cybersecurity
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