Reliable and secure multimedia at your service

World-leader in Security management, Thales pilots, designs, develops and delivers secure end-to-end multimedia solutions for trusted and reliable protection. Utilising our pioneering expertise and the latest technology, Thales ensures global protection across multimedia channels and video platforms without compromising user experience. 

  • Critical systems: Any video surveillance or communications platform in which system failure can have a dramatic impact, such as those designed to monitor infrastructures, public safety, battlefield communications or business multimedia 
  • Critical footage: Sensitive or classified video surveillance footage for which content leaks or alterations would have critical consequences, including corporate business strategy, intellectual property, financials, legal proof or monetisation

With the proliferation of new devices and exposure to best-effort IP networks, Thales's Secure Multimedia Suite is available and deployable in various operating and business models, acting as an internal communication solution for in-house web TV or video conferencing.  As a globally accredited company, our secure software solutions work across various terminals, screen sizes, software platforms, and network and traffic conditions; providing leverage to help you optimise user experience, to gain full control and to focus on your core business.

  • Software components, that can be embedded within a global solution
  • An element of our SaaS portfolio, for corporate video streaming needs
  • Part of our PaaS offer, to bring multimedia capabilities to customers’ application outsourcing

Software components suite gives you multi-device multimedia services

Comprehensive software components that can be embedded within a global solution, Thales Secure Multimedia supports all screens, and combines the most required video services, including: 

  • Video on demand
  • Live video broadcasting
  • Ad-hoc video conferencing
  • Mosaic processing
  • Low-latency live video

As a trusted partner, Thales additionally master over-the-top internet multimedia technologies that give you the benefits of field-proven mass market technologies and dramatically reduce IP backbone bandwidth consumption. 

E-reporting app for insurance claims

An automobile insurance company asked Thales to develop a user-friendly application to enable its clients to easily file claims electronically. We leveraged an NFC badge to retrieve the profile of the user, who can upload videos and photos of the incident to the electronic file. Using the mobile app, the insured can communicate with the insurer for assistance and damage assessment. We also integrated geolocation to speed up the arrival of emergency services, if needed.


An innovative leader in research and implementation

Through our R&D process, we build flexible, reusable architectures and software components and structure them around internal and external strategic areas. By choosing Thales, you benefit from the experience of a partner who has strong references providing clients with the following tools:

  • Adaptive video streaming platforms, including live and on-demand video on smartphones and tablets
  • WebRTC ad-hoc video and audio conferencing systems that include photo and video transfer and appointment planning
  • Full web HTML5 and CSS3 support to integrate video on smartphones and tablets

Contact us to find out how we can help you to implement secure solutions for your multimedia. 

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