ready- made to tailor-made by our experts

World leaders in Critical Information Systems, at Thales we provide specialist expertise in developing innovative software solutions that are future-proof, easy to use and that meet your business requirements; ensuring high performance, security and resilience.

Our trusted Software solutions address the entire decision chain, from sensors and information processing to action and evaluation. Custom built solutions reply on a large and well-maintained set of technical and functional components, enabling us to develop specific solutions that address every aspect of your business while optimising development expenses. 


Scalable solutions customisable to your needs

As a reputable company, we work with you from the start to articulate your specific software needs and to develop solutions that focus on delivering business value. 
  • Build architectures that meet explicit and implicit business objectives while simplifying processes and workflows
  • Manage project execution through agile practices, expert training and best-practice software tools
  • Incorporate the full system lifecycle, from build to managed services to maintenance
  • Integrate safety into every aspect of the solution throughout its lifecycle
  • Improve competitiveness using innovative software solutions such as multimedia, geographic information systems, Big data and SCADA blocks.

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Critical Information Systems and Cybersecurity
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